Three Satisfactory characters leaning on a boombox while fireworks go off to commemorate Satisfactory Update 6

Satisfactory Update 6 Brings Biome Overhaul And More

September 21, 2022

By: Joseph Allen


The long-awaited Satisfactory Update 6 has finally landed, bringing with it some pretty big changes to the open-world factory-builder. These changes include a major terrain rework, some changes to the equipment system, and an honest-to-god boombox.

What's in Satisfactory Update 6?

Originally, Satisfactory Update 6 was scheduled to hit the factory sim sometime in June, so it's fair to say this update has been a long time coming. Now, it's finally on the Early Access branch of the game, and you can explore its many new features if you're a Satisfactory fan. Let's take a look at what's new.


First up, Coffee Stain is introducing what it calls Satisfactory's "most significant single biome change" still waiting in the pipeline. The Spire Coast area revamps the northern part of Satisfactory's map, bringing some breathtaking scenery in the form of the titular spires. There's also more vegetation in the Swamp area now, and smaller effects like visuals for the sky and weather have changed too.

The new Spire Coast biome, which is a big, lush, and verdant area, in Satisfactory Update 6
The Spire Coast is just one of the new things that's been added in Satisfactory Update 6.

This new Satisfactory update has also made some changes when it comes to equipment. Pioneers ranged weapons now have different ammo types including homing rifle ammo and an actual mini nuke (yes, really). These ammo types have been integrated into different research trees throughout the game as well. You can now equip multiple items to different areas of your body, too. 


If you've been wanting to serenade your buddies with sweet music, then you'll love the new Boom Box item. Tapes can be bought for the Boom Box, but you can also find them hidden throughout the world, so keep an eye out for them. You should also notice some updates to creature visuals, an overhaul for the to-do list, and technical tweaks. Make sure to check out the full Satisfactory Update 6 patch notes to see everything that's new.

You can grab Satisfactory right now via Steam Early Access, where it'll set you back $17.99. It's a great time if you've got a few hours to kill and some friends who love building stuff.

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