Hyakki Castle, a Dungeon RPG inspired Japanese literature and art, will release on November 15th for Steam on Windows PC, publisher Happinet has announced. The title – which features a unique 2-party gameplay system, letting players split their party in half and control each part separately, leading to tactics like ambushing an enemy or dividing their attention more readily between different party members. The game runs in real-time, and at first glance seems similar to Legend of Grimrock. Enemies take the form of monstrous Yokai from Japanese folklore, and players are tasked with liberating the Edo-period (18th century Japan) castle of the “gloomy lord” Doman Kigata.

The game’s Steam page details some more of the game’s systems, such as the race system and class systems. Players can choose from several classes like Samurai, Ninja, and Monk for their characters – and can choose from races like Oni, Tengu, and Nekomata, each with their own specific skills. For example, Oni characters can use “Roar”, focusing a Yokai’s attack on one spot, but paralyzing their character for a short period of time. The game’s visuals are described as Ukiyo-e style graphics, and the soundtrack is said to be composed of traditional Japanese music.

Developer Asakusa Studios and Publisher Happinet have published a special Halloween trailer for the game, which we’ve embedded below.

Quick Take

Asakusa Studios appear to be based in Japan themselves, so it should be interesting to see their interpretation of folklore in the game. 2017 already saw a few games with a heavy emphasis on Japanese folklore, Nioh probably being the most memorable, but it’s still an aesthetic that we don’t see too much of in games these days, especially not over here in the west! Dungeon RPGs – or DRPGs – are also a pretty niche genre, and as a fan of them, I’m more than willing to give new games in the genre a try. As mentioned in the article, Hyakki Castle gives me a distinct Legend of Grimrock vibe, so I’m curious to see how the game will feel once it properly releases. It’ll be interesting to see how this 2-party system works out as well. If the game is designed around it, that could open the door for some seriously interesting puzzles, and at the very least it should be a cool risk/reward system, allowing players to try and set up some interesting tactics but leaving parties easy to defeat if a player gets caught with their pants down.

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