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hyakki castle
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November 15, 2017 (Calendar)
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In Hyakki Castle a mysterious castle appears on the strange Hyakki Island, where a colony of exiled prisoners lives, a variety of Yokai start plaguing the lands. You get to pick four members to party up from races inspired by folklore including Humans, Oni, Tengu, and Nekomata, each with their own diverse skillsets. Each of these party members is also able to take up a job as Samurai, Ninja/Kunoichi, Sohei or a Shinkan/Miko giving you even more options to diversify your troop.

It's your goal to make it through the castle, killing all Yokai that you encounter, to take the head of the lord of the castle, Kigata Doman. In this first-person dungeon crawler, you can also split your party into two allowing you to cover more ground, deal with traps or puzzles, and even come at powerful Yokai from multiple directions to help ensure your victory. First released on Steam, an enhanced port called Haunted Dungeons: Hyakki Castle is releasing for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in late August 2018.