Battle Brothers, a turn based strategy RPG being developed by Overhype Studios, has made its way onto early access as of April 27th. Battle Brothers has been in development for a little over a year. Battle Brothers is being developed by a small team and has transitioned to early access to fund further development.

Battle Brothers will have you leading a band of mercenaries through a procedurally generated campaign featuring an open world where you decide where to go, who to bring, and what to fight. Decision-making is a large part of successfully running your group, and selecting the right equipment, perks, and tactics will mean the difference between failure and victory.

If you enjoy holding the lives of dozens of men in your hands, where your smallest decision could mean life or death for minions who unquestioningly follow your every command, then the latest creation of Overhype Studios may be just what you are looking for. Brutal combat, unforgiving AI, and permanent death for party members are just some of the features that Battle Brothers looks to throw at its players.

A demo is available, but the developers ask that you keep in mind that it is over a year old and the game has seen a lot of work since the demo was originally released. With that in mind, Battle Brothers still has a long way to go before it is ready for an official release, and the developers hope to build it into a masterpiece before then.

Battle Brothers is available directly from the developers’ website or on Steam. The standard edition is $19.99. If you are wary of early access, the Battle Brothers FAQ states that they intend to fully release the game about a year after the start of early access, so keep an eye out!

Will you be keeping an eye on Battle Brothers?  Will you brave the wilds of early access to get your chance at commanding a band of ruthless mercenaries?

Clint Smith

I'm an ex-carnie who has been gaming and writing since I was a kid. Lately you can find me over-thinking in RPGs or failing my way through a plethora of indie games.