Samuel Guglielmo

Associate Review Editor

I'm Sam. Been playing video games since PlayStation. Favorite games include Ace Combat 5, Perfect Dark, Final Fantasy IX, Metro 2033, and MonsterBag. Also loves books and can be found face first in one all the time.

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STONE Review – Needed More Yonks to be Liquid Gold

I feel like not enough games use the phrase “hip-hop stoner noir”. In fact, I’ve never heard that specific phrase used to describe any game until STONE‘s announcement. Once I…

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Coverage Club: King No Thing

Coverage Club is our weekly series of smaller impressions in the style of full reviews. Games can range from brand new titles hitting Early Access to older hidden gems that never got…

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Review – Become the Tomb Raider (Again (Again))

Back in 2013, the Tomb Raider series saw a successfully radical reboot. Bringing us a new Lara Croft who was just surviving a terrible situation rather than raiding tombs, the…

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The Non-Fiction Behind Colorfiction’s Virtual Vacation Simulator 0°N 0°W

I need a vacation. I knew I needed a vacation when I took a trip to Play NYC and honestly had a fun time hanging out in the hotel room…

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Meet Walking Sign Golems and Traffic Knights in Scrap Bringer

Animation and art style can do a ton to bolster a game. One game I saw at Play NYC 2018 was Scrap Bringer, a top-down action beat ’em up that…

far cry 5 dead living zombies review header

Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies Review – Maggot Filled

By now, Far Cry 5 has done serious DLC with the Vietnam War based Hours of Darkness, and more humorous DLC with sci-fi styled Lost on Mars. Ranging from average to…

gene rain review header also

Gene Rain Review – Gene Pain

It’s well known that I have a weird love of games of dubious quality. I tend to seek them out and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Games…

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Donut County Review – A Hole New World

On Twitter, I’ve been eagerly watching the development of two different raccoon-themed games. One of these, Wreckoons, still has a while to go before it sees the light of day.…

pendula swing header

Pendula Swing Episodes 1 & 2 Review – Swing and a Clip

I’ve always been partial to urban fantasy. The genre places fantasy tropes like magic and orcs in modern days. Think the Dresden Files book series, or the recent Bright on…

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In Starflower I Nuked a Planet to Save it from Wasps

Physics based survival games aren’t exactly a new concept. However, there’s a joy in growing your own eco system. While wandering the floors of Play NYC 2018, Starflower caught my…

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