Samuel Guglielmo

Associate Review Editor

I'm Sam. Been playing video games since PlayStation. Favorite games include Ace Combat 5, Perfect Dark, Final Fantasy IX, Metro 2033, and MonsterBag. Also loves books and can be found face first in one all the time.

katana zero review header

Katana Zero Review – Zero to Hero

Once again I find myself needing to make the Hotline Miami rant. Many indie games want to be Hotline Miami. I don’t blame them. It had amazing gameplay, style, and…

heavens vault review header

Heaven’s Vault Review – Duolingo Without the Threats

I personally have never been great with any non-English language. I took years of Spanish classes back in school, but I could never manage to learn the basics. This made…

one finger death punch review header

One Finger Death Punch 2 Review – I Mastered Kung Fu

There’s an incredibly iconic and quotable moment in The Matrix where Neo is hooked up to a computer and has the entirety of martial arts downloaded into his brain. Upon…

falcon age review header

Falcon Age Review – I Forgot the Word

Birds are okay. I mean they scream at obscenely early hours and poop on my car, but otherwise, they’re pretty cool. The best birds are those big ol’ falcons that…

Heaven's Vault

Sam Speaks to Inkle about Heaven’s Vault and the Sorcery that Went Into It

I have a love for some adventure gaming. Because of this, Heaven’s Vault caught my eye. I got a chance to play the game and found it quite worth my…


Playing Through Some Neat Upcoming Games at Playthrough

Recently I took a big move to the state of North Carolina. I was worried that, by not being close to New York City anymore, I’d lose access to all…

islanders review header

Islanders Review – If You’re Fond of Sand Dunes and Salty Air

When I think of zen puzzle games I always considered Mini Metro to be my favorite of the bunch. Perfectly simple to learn yet amazingly complex to master, I had…

etherborn header

Etherborn is a Mind Bending Puzzling Brain Twister

Playing with perspective has long been a tradition of video games. Games like Echochrome and Monument Valley give gamers a chance to try and reshape how they see the world…

game reviews march 2019 roundup

March 2019 Game Review Roundup

There’s always a time for drinking. That time happens to be Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17th every year. It’s the day where you can legally get drunk, I think.…

walking dead final season episode 4 review header

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 4 Review – The End

I’ve never really had difficulty starting a game before. Usually, it’s a joyous occasion where I can easily hit the start button and dive into the next adventure. Such was…

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