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Necrobarista - Final Pour Review

With a name as exciting as Necrobarista, I expected a lot. Does it involve a barista that makes coffee and raises the dead? Perhaps there's a lot of fantasy elements, and heck, maybe zombies.…

August 26, 2021 | 11:00 EDT


Cinematic Visual Novel Necrobarista Coming July 22

Necrobarista, the cinematic cel-shaded visual novel from Route 59 Games, is releasing on Windows on July 22, 2020. */ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ Players will become wrapped up in a story of mystery, magic…

July 15, 2020 | 10:40 EDT

Necrobarista 3D Visual Novel Arrives On PC This August And Later On Consoles

Necrobarista 3D Visual Novel Arrives On PC This August And Later On Consoles

If you're bored with regular 2D visual novels, here's something special you might be interested in. Necrobarista is a cinematic 3D visual novel with cel-shaded graphics, developed by Route 59 Games.…

May 16, 2019 | 02:20 EDT

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Necrobarista Rises from the Dead in 2019, Now Coming to PS4

Route 59 Studios announced that their cel-shaded visual novel Necrobarista is aiming for a 2019 release on PC, Switch, and PS4. Previously, Route 59 had aimed for a launch on the Switch and PC…

August 14, 2018 | 05:16 EDT

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The first game from Australia-based Route 59, Necrobarista is an urban fantasy visual novel set in Melbourne. A local necromancer runs a cafe in between shuttling souls to the afterlife. These ghosts…

August 14, 2018 | 05:13 EDT

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Spirits Come To Life For One Last Night in Necrobarista

Necrobarista is a point and click visual novel centered around a mystical cafe in Australia where necromancer baristas can bring wandering spirits back to life for one more night. The premise is…

September 9, 2017 | 11:00 EDT