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Route 59
Route 59
PlayStation 4, PC
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December 31, 1969 (Calendar)
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The first game from Australia-based Route 59, Necrobarista is an urban fantasy visual novel set in Melbourne. A local necromancer runs a cafe in between shuttling souls to the afterlife. These ghosts are given a human form for their last day on Earth and are free to do as they please. Necrobarista explores several stories from these wandering souls, as well as stories about the necromancer herself.

Here's a bit on Necrobarista from the developer:

In a magical modern-day Melbourne, Australia, Necrobarista takes place within the confines of a supernatural coffee house whose patrons are not all of this world. Here, the dead can return to spend one final day on Earth. Indistinguishable from the living, these ghosts can mingle and resolve unfinished business before departing this realm for what awaits on the other side.
Told through a series of vignettes from the perspectives of several patrons, Necrobarista’s story centers on Maddy, the café’s manager and resident necromancer. While she does her best to keep the shop running smoothly, ferrying souls to the afterlife can have its complications.
The variety of vantage points is mirrored in Necrobarista’s cinematic approach to storytelling. Featuring a dynamic camera, the game pans from one angle to another with animation that brings its vivid world to life and distinguishing the experience from other titles in the genre.
Beyond scripted narrative moments, players are given the reins to explore the coffee shop’s 3D setting in a contemporary spin on classic point-and-click adventure style. In these sequences, players are free to move around the establishment and learn more about both it and the colorful cast of characters that call this place home – even if only for a brief moment in time.