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The first major game from developer Relentless Studios and publisher Amazon Game Studios, Crucible was a free-to-play massively multiplayer first-person shooter designed to be the first title to show…

April 25, 2021 | 11:30 EDT


Amazon Takes Crucible off Life Support and Kills It

Amazon has popped up late Friday night to inform everyone that the grim reaper has visited their gaming studios again, and this time the report is that Crucible is dead.  Why is Crucible dead? In…

October 9, 2020 | 08:58 EDT

Crucible Pre-Season changes cover

Crucible Pre-Season Changes Kill 2/3 Game Modes

Several Crucible Pre-Season changes have been announced for this latest title from Amazon Games in light of player experiences with the game in its first few weeks. You can get the details straight…

June 5, 2020 | 04:03 EDT

Crucible screenshot.

Amazon Game Studios' F2P Team-Based Shooter Crucible Will Launch May 20

Amazon Games has announced that Crucible, its free-to-play competitive team-based shooter for PC, will be launching on May 20, 2020.  */ In Crucible, players will be able to choose from a diverse…

May 5, 2020 | 09:46 EDT