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RAD Review - The Nuking of Isaac

Let’s face it, a lot of post-apocalyptic games look alike. Lots of murderous, leather-clad bandits driving around the desert in armored cars, trying to be Mad Max, but lacking the panache. It’s the…

August 15, 2019 | 11:00 EDT


RAD Isn't as Rad as It Looks

I'm a sucker for roguelikes, so when I see an up-and-coming game in the genre, I seize the opportunity. RAD looked like an interesting upcoming roguelike by Double Fine, and I like its approach.…

June 18, 2019 | 12:30 EDT

Double Fine Roguelike RAD Release Date Announced

Double Fine Roguelike RAD Release Date Announced

Double Fine Productions first announced their upcoming 3D roguelike RAD in March during the Nindies Spring Showcase. The game was originally slated for release on Steam and the Nintendo Switch, but…

May 20, 2019 | 12:29 EDT

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Glass Masquerade Review - Simple Pleasures

It's the holidays, and the hustle and bustle of December always take its toll on people. Meeting deadlines, holiday shopping, long lines, family gatherings, the time of joy and cheer is often…

December 27, 2016 | 09:00 EST

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Glass Masquerade

Glass Masquerade is a puzzle game inspired by Art Deco & stained glass artisans of the 20th century. With a soothing soundtrack and 25 puzzles to go through, you will combine hidden shards of…

December 18, 2016 | 06:34 EST