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The Nexon logo overlaid on a still of a Dungeon & Fighter animation, intended to represent the newly-announced Project DW

Open-World Dungeon & Fighter RPG Project DW Announced

Korean gaming giant Nexon has announced a new project set in its wildly successful Dungeon & Fighter universe. Right now, the project is known only as Project DW, and we don't have much more info…

January 12, 2023 | 09:24 EST

KartRider Drift game page featured image
Game Page

KartRider: Drift

Move over Luigi Cart, crash somewhere else Collision Team Racing, the Kart Racing Legend is back in town! The legendary Korean KartRider series speeds into the west with it's newest release KartRider…

November 23, 2019 | 09:05 EST

Kartrider Drift

KartRider: Drift Comes to the West 15 Years After Its Debut

A classic game in Asia is finally spreading out in the world: KartRider: Drift will be coming West for the first time. If you've never heard of KartRider: Drift, well... it's not really a game that…

November 14, 2019 | 03:37 EST