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In game decision making from Andreas the main character of Pentiment
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Take a trip into the past with Pentiment as you take on the role of Andreas Maler, an artist who happens to get wrapped up in a series of murders. This new game from Obsidian Entertainment crafted…

August 23, 2022 | 08:40 EDT

Grounded game page featured image
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Grounded pits your shrunken self in the middle of your yard. Now it's up to you to survive. We could've mentioned Honey I Shrunk The Kids or Antz, but that would risk drawing the ire of the emperor…

November 23, 2019 | 11:26 EST

Halo Wars Definitive Edition Header
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Halo Wars

Halo Wars is an RTS spin-off of the popular Halo series, taking place before the first game. In this game, you command your troops against a variety of enemies. A definitive edition of the game was…

December 19, 2016 | 01:45 EST