TechRaptor Indie Spotlight - November 2023

Published: November 15, 2023 2:49 PM /


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What a year it has been for games! The holiday gaming season is about to be in full swing, Geoff Keighley's annual game awards are around the corner, and GOTY talk is brewing everywhere. All that in mind, we've showcased a bunch of great looking indie games this year, but there are upcoming indie titles on the way that you shouldn't miss before the year's end!

In our final Indie Spotlight of 2023, we've collaborated with some exceptional indie developers and publishers to showcase a variety of titles you should be paying attention to or in some cases, playing right now!

This show features 15 exciting indie titles. You can find links to the Steam page for all of the games in this show listed below.

Thanks so much for supporting this new initiative. Here at TechRaptor we all have a passion for indie titles and being able to introduce you to your potential next favorite indie is something we set out to achieve with these spotlights. We've grown a lot since our initial show and are stoked about what 2024 will bring to the show. 

If you have watched any of our previous Indie Spotlights, are tuning in to this one for the first time, or are a developer who reached out to submit your game we can not thank you enough!

We will be back with another TechRaptor Indie Spotlight in February of 2024 so indie developers if you would like to pitch your game to be featured, reach out to with your pitch and a link to your Steam page. Our number of slots are limited, but we want to help your game reach new folks!

Have a tip, or want to point out something we missed? Leave a Comment or e-mail us at