TechRaptor Indie Spotlight August 2023 - Showcasing 18 Must See Indie Games!

Published: August 28, 2023 4:11 PM /


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Here at TechRaptor, we can't get enough when it comes to indie games. That's why for our second ever TechRaptor Indie Spotlight, we're cranking up the number of featured games from 14 to 18!

In a year of nonstop hits, it may be easy to let games slip through the cracks of your backlog which is why we're here to show you unique worlds, mechanics, and stories form the indie scene that deserve your attention.


We've hand picked this group of indie games after a period of searching and discovering great looking games in a variety of genres, from cozy farming sims, to dungeon crawlers, and colorful 3D Platformers. You can find links to all the featured games below!

Games Featured: 

Be sure to follow and wishlist any of these that stand out to you to show your support and catch future updates on new details, demos, and release dates as soon as they drop!

You can catch the next TechRaptor Indie Spotlight this November. Until then, thanks for tuning in and in the meantime be sure to play some sick indie games!

Developers/PR - if you're interested in having your game potentially showcased, please reach out to indies[at]! We can't guarantee a game will make it into one of these videos, but we'll definitely check it out!


Have a tip, or want to point out something we missed? e-mail us at [email protected] or join us on Discord!