The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Hits PSVR Today

05/05/2020 - 13:21 | By: Don Parsons
Release Date
January 23, 2020
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Today, Skydance Interactive has released its VR action game The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners on PlayStation VR with a unique PS4 Theme available for those who own it. 

For those who don't know it, here is some information about The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners:

A new way to live survival horror. With the living, dead, disease, and famine as constant threats, you have countless ways to tackle these dangers.

  • Face the undead guns blazing or learn all the ways to sneak and hide among them.
  • Take on missions from different factions and survivors to earn valuable resources.
  • Risk life and limb to protect those in need or brutally murder anyone who stands in your way.
  • See how your choices affect the people of New Orleans, and learn to live with the consequences.

 You can buy The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners today on PlayStation for PSVR along with PS Move support, as well as on PC.

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