You can now "Retweet with comment" on Twitter

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You can now "Retweet with comment" on Twitter

April 7, 2015

By: Luigi Savinelli


Twitter's 140 characters limit is both its core feature and the thing that gives most headaches to its users. The imperative of writing your thoughts in short bites is what made the success of this social media. At the same time, it makes difficult to communicate properly in some moments, like when you want to add your thoughts to someone else's tweet. Twitter's freshly released "Retweet with comment" feature allows you to easily do exactly that.

Before today if you wanted to  add your two cents to someone else's tweet, you had two options: you either copy pasted the content of the tweet adding your words, or you copy pasted the tweet's URL. The problem of the first solution is that it obviously shortens the quantity of available characters you can use. To add your comment you often had to shorten the original tweet, at the expense of context. The second solution results in a smaller investment of character space, but a follower has to click the link to see what the hell you're talking about.

With this new feature, you have the option of adding a comment whenever you retweet something. The original tweet will show in an embedded space below your tweet. This way you'll have the best of both worlds: you don't have to crop the original tweet while at the same time having almost every character of the 140 twitter gives you (some characters are reserved for the original tweet's link).

The feature looks very useful and pretty cool as well. It could still use a bit of work on a couple of minor things. For example, the embed code that twitter generates, doesn't embed the original tweet when used in a website, like you can see below.

[caption id="attachment_36301" align="aligncenter" width="576"]Retweet with comment example This is how the tweet shows up on twitter[/caption]

Of course this is only a minor matter and the feature is still a solid addition to the social platform.

What you think of Twitters Retweet with comment feature? Did you alreaqdy test it? Let us know in the comments.

UPDATE: Seems that the site has some problems with twitter's embed code so I replaced the tweet with a screenshot until it's fixed.

UPDATE 2: Fixed

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