What's the future of OS X? Yosemite.

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Officially being announced as OX "Yosemite," the updated version of Mavericks is sporting a new, clean, and simpler look. 

Right off the bat, we notice apps with a more clean finish and softer lines. The backgrounds of apps, when open, have a translucent look and reflect the background that you have on your desktop.

With a new notification center and the feature of a "dark mode," Apple is taking steps into appeasing every niche in it's market.

Another exciting option in the new OS is the ability to add widgets into your notification bar. With options of adding a calendar, calculator, stocks, etc., gives you the option of the Mac apps simply at the quick slide of the fingers.

Apple Drive was also announced at today's conference. With the ability to share your information across IOS devices readily available through the iCloud, Apple Drive serves the purpose of making it more streamlined. On top of that, they added the ability to use Apple Drive on your Windows computers as well.

When announcing the changes to Safari, the team behind the search engine announced there will be no "Bookmarks" present. So how do you get to your favorite sites? Continuing through the presentation, it is revealed that when clicking into the search bar your favorites and bookmarks will drop down. This is said to save space and use the efficiency of the Safari engine.

The next part of the presentation show many new features that Yosemite was capable of doing. Yosemite, in essence, will become an extremely viable relay between your devices. With the new update, your iPhone will be used as a "hotspot" and will sync with your mac, macbook, and iPad devices seamlessly. You can basically pick up on each device where you left off on the last one.

Also with this update, you can now receive your phone calls and text messages (from outside of iMessage sources) on your Apple devices as long as you are connected to your iPhone's hotspot connection.

With all of these new updates to Yosemite, Apple is clearly pushing for a more connected, seamless, and constant experience between your Apple devices, which is very exciting for those that love their Apple devices.

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