Netflix Predicts 4K friendly PS4 and Xbox One

Published: February 3, 2015 10:30 AM /


4k PS4 Xbox One

Netflix's CEO suggested during a Consumer Electronics Show press event that a hardware revision for PS4 that supports 4K is on the way.

Forbes later contacted Netflix to expand on this, where further details claimed both the PS4 and Xbox One consoles would add 4K support with their traditional two-year console refreshes.

During CES, Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt spoke on the growing number of 4K content options coming in 2015. During Netflix's CES press conference, Hunt said Sony has "promised" a 4K capable PS4 hardware revision, and would "expect eventually" for the revised console to support HDR.

Following this, Forbes contacted Netflix for more information, but Netflix declined to further explain, saying it wasn't in a position to say anything definite. However, Netflix did further explain what Hunt meant during the conference, that both Sony and Microsoft's consoles would implement 4K video playback in their console refreshes. Microsoft and Sony's responses to these claims have been the usual corporate speak of "we have nothing to share at this time."

Understandably, if either of the console makers were planning to revise their machines to be 4K capable, they would not wish to broadcast that information until a later date and risk stagnating the sales of the current versions of their consoles.


The prices of 4K capable monitors and TVs have been dropping over the past two years. Many monitors and TVs are becoming more and more affordable, and therefore more and more common for the average household to have. No doubt, Sony and Microsoft have taken this into consideration, and likely have thought out how to approach the many years left in their new consoles life cycles.

Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Worldwide Studios president, confirmed in the past that PS4 would support some forms of 4K content, however clearly stated 4K gaming would not be one of them.

"The official answer is that PS4 supports 4K output but for personal contents, like photos or videos. Not games."

"PS4 games do not work on 4K."

-Yoshida speaking to Polygon, February 21, 2013.

What is your take on this? Do you see 4K as the future of gaming? Do you think we'll see a 4K PS4 or Xbox One by the end of the year? Let us know in the comments!


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