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Nintendo Leak Reveals Extreme Measures Taken To Track Hackers


An internal Nintendo leak has revealed measures the company took when approaching a 3DS homebrew hacker.


Nintendo Hits freeShop Homebrew App with DMCA


Nintendo has filed a DMCA takedown against the freeShop homebrew application that allowed users to download 3DS titles without using the vanilla eSho

Crowdfunding Spotlight - Coffee Crisis

TR Originals

Is coffee metal? Some would think so. After all, it is blacker than the blackest black times infinity.


Massive Vita Homebrew Scene Leak - over 50 PSP titles on PSN riddled with Major Security Holes


Yesterday the PSP/Vita homebrew Scene imploded, as a fight on twitter between two developers led to the entire scenes log of PSP games that would allow PSP eCFW on Vita being leaked.

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Hacking Time – Turn Order Alternative


...or timelines aren't just a series of tubes.