Massive Vita Homebrew Scene Leak - over 50 PSP titles on PSN riddled with Major Security Holes

Published: September 14, 2014 2:52 PM /



Yesterday the PSP/Vita homebrew Scene imploded, as a fight on twitter between two developers led to the entire scenes log of PSP games that would allow PSP eCFW on Vita being leaked. The two developers allegedly got into an argument about one of them releasing a kernel exploit for the PSP emulator on the Vita early; and this led to them inevitably releasing every kernel and usermode exploit that they had planned for the next 2 years all at once.

This follows a recent development in the scene that has led to users being able to install some signed packages to their systems through the use of an email exploit; something that we will not link to or condone.

The reason that we are reporting on this is probably a little more abstract, though; over 50 PSP titles are part of this leak, and this accounts for more than 10% of all digital PSP titles on the PSN Store. Regardless of what the exploits are being used for, this may end up causing a big commotion in the next few days, as Sony tries to stop individuals from using these exploits. Whether this means just pulling the offending titles (which includes some PSP classics) until they can release the next system update, or something more extreme considering the sheer size of the leak.

What is certain, however, is that this is undoubtedly a major blow for the Homebrew scene; as it may take months or years for them to find another kernel exploit in the upcoming Vita FW 3.30. Likewise, the connotations of the Package Installer being found means that the scene may have just gotten the nudge it needs to start focusing on looking for native Vita exploits, instead of the PSP emulator exploits that they have been working with for the last 2 1/2 years.

Since this subject deals with piracy of PSP games, even if indirectly; we will not link you to any sites giving out the information that was present on this leak; and this includes information that has to do with usermode exploits that only allow homebrew, as well - since they will link back to the kernel exploit that was made public with the leak. If anything else comes out of this leak that we feel we should report on, we will; but for now this is all we have to share.

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