Doom 64 Rewind Review

The year was 1997. The FPS was still in its infancy, recently leaping into a 3D future with the release of Quake. It was the next logical step after iD's Doom duo, a technological leap that inspired

DOOM Original Box Art

Update: Bethesda has responded to the issues surrounding the re-releases of DOOM, stating that the online log-in through should be optional instead of mandatory. According to a tweet,

botherhood of steel fallout 76

Bethesda has a very simple explanation for a retcon in Fallout 76 regarding the Brotherhood of Steel as reported by Eurogamer: satellites. Most large IPs rarely can avoid the issue of retcons and

Fallout 4 Creation Kit

Fallout 4's Creation Kit has entered Beta according to a news post on Bethesda's website. They've released an accompanying video that details some of the upcoming features: The Creation Kit is


Bethesda's Press Conference began with the FPS that started it all, DOOM. Built with ID Tech 6, or 666 if you fancy, DOOM was shown publicly for the first time as introduced by Marty Stratton.