Recap: Bethesda E3 2015 Press Conference

Published: June 15, 2015 12:35 AM /



Bethesda's Press Conference began with the FPS that started it all, DOOM. Built with ID Tech 6, or 666 if you fancy, DOOM was shown publicly for the first time as introduced by Marty Stratton. Doomguy's iconic helmet and a pump action shotgun started us off for a blisteringly fast and furious demo. Doomguy ripped the heart out of demons, grabbed a double-barreled delight, and dodged fireballs.

The multiplayer was briefly shown off, with arena style matches and powerups. In addition, players can get a specific powerup to turn into the same Revenant that killed you in the single player. They also announced DOOM Snapmap, an in-depth map and gametype creator that seems like Halo's Forge mode on steroids.


Bethesda E3 6

DOOM ended its presentation with a dip into Hell. Cyber Demons, Pinkies, and a BFG, all looking like high resolution versions of the monsters you remember. Overall, the single player is very reminiscent of the original DOOM games as promised. DOOM is scheduled for Spring 2016.

Bethesda then announced, a client for their games combined with an integrated website that would be required for all Bethesda games going forward. They also showed a brief glimpse at Battlecry, a free to play hero shooter coming in 2015. Players can go to their official website to get a chance to go to into the soon to be opening beta.

Dishonored 2

Next, Arkane hit the stage for Dishonored 2 with a trailer starring Emily as the protagonist. Emily, a character from the first game, is all grown up and fighting clockwork monstrosities. Corvo is also a playable character in the sequel. Also announced was a definitive edition of the original game for current gen consoles, which includes all previously released DLC.

Zenimax Online Studios had a trailer detailing what was coming to the newly released Tamriel Unlimited edition of Elder Scrolls Online. Plenty of vistas and new enemies were shown from the upcoming expansions. Also in Elder Scrolls news, Elder Scrolls: Legends is a mobile card game, basically Bethesda's answer to Hearthstone. It's a free to play game coming to PC and tablets in 2015.


Tamriel Unlimited

Finally, Fallout 4 emerged with an extended gameplay demo introduced by Todd Howard. You play as a voiced protagonist, male or female, and start the game before the war. Conversations are handled in a dialogue wheel more similar to Mass Effect than previous games. You go into a vault and sleep for 200 years, awakening in a destroyed world you never knew.


Dynamic conversations can be played in first and third person, with options to walk away from NPCs or pull weapons at any time. You meet up with a canine companion and can give it commands that are contextual to the environment. VATs is confirmed as coming back, although enemies don't freeze in time anymore, they just slow down significantly.

The Pip-Boy is upgraded with animated menus and even a few bonus mini-games you can find in the environments. A real life Pip-Boy comes with the collector's edition, along with a custom second screen experience on phones and tablets that mimics the Pip-Boy interface and works with the game.

Also for mobile devices, Todd Howard announced Fallout Shelter, a strategy game where you're the overseer of your very own vault. You control citizens that look like little Vault Boys and Girls and send them out on missions for the good of the Vault. Fallout Shelter should be available on iPhones as you read this, with an Android version incoming.

Fallout 4

Next, he detailed a Minecraft-like system in Fallout 4 where you can build your own shelter and settlement in-game. This includes building defenses against raiders and running Brahman caravans between multiple settlements you build. Lucky for me and others who prefer a more campaign experience, the system is also completely optional.


Weapons and armor are also a part of the crafting system, with an impressive amount of parts you can mix and match to create your own tools in the game. This is part of a renewed focus on making combat fun whether you use V.A.T.S. or aim from third person. A combat montage was shown, including exploding Vertibirds and power armor that included a jet pack. Fallout 4 is coming out November 10th, 2015.

The conference ended with a free set of vinyl figures for those in attendance representing Dishonored, DOOM, Fallout 4.

Overall, a great showing from Bethesda with several heavy hitters and a solid lineup. Post your reactions below and get ready to enter the wasteland. Or play Elder Scrolls Online. I won't judge.



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