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We take a deep dive on the new wave of unpainted Critical Role miniatures by Wizkids

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The full line of Wizkids Critical Role Primed and Unpainted Miniatures

What first began as an excuse for a group of friends to play Dungeons & Dragons has, in the last six years, become somewhat of an entertainment juggernaut in the D&D space. Fueled by a cast of engaging characters, and Dungeon Master-ed with the steady hand of Matthew Mercer, Critical Role has now broken out beyond its Twitch stream and podcast, including official D&D source books, comics, and official miniatures produced by Wizkids. We got a chance to check out the full upcoming line of primed and unpainted Critical Role miniatures before their launch October 2021. Here's what we thought...

What Makes Up The New Line of Critical Role Miniatures?

This new line of Critical Role miniatures all come in clear boxes, so there's no blind-box gambling. What you see is what you get, and what you get is a vast array of heroes and villains, all well-detailed and ready for the table. They all come unpainted, but they're primed and ready to paint right out of their blister packs. The line contains everything from Husk Zombies to Dwendalian Fighters, Goblin Sorcerers to Ravenite Barbarians. With twenty different packs available, each ranging from $4.99-$14.99 USD (depending on the pack), there's a lot to check out. We singled out a few our favorites for a closer look below.

Critical Role Protagonists

 Wizkids Critical Role Miniatures Dwarf Dwendalian Empire Fighters
 Wizkids Critical Role Miniatures: Dwarf Dwendalian Empire Fighters

Born from the Zemni Fields, the Dwendalian Empire now expands across a great swath of Wildemount. These Dwarven fighters, one with an axe and one with a great hammer, serve as sturdy, mail-clad defenders of the realm. Out of all the detail of these minis, I'm most drawn to their stance. They stand squat, ready to attack or defend against an enemy's attack.

 Wizkids Critical Role Miniatures Human Graviturgy and Chronurgy Wizards
Wizkids Critical Role Miniatures Human Graviturgy and Chronurgy Wizards

These minis are real show-stoppers. The Human Graviturgy and Chronurgy Wizards from this set evoke so much in their small sculpts. And whether you choose to paint those little magical discs or leave them clear, they'll certainly make an impression on the table. While tied to specific types of Critical Role magic, these would make for great spellcasters of almost any class or system.

 Wizkids Critical Role Miniatures Pallid Elf Rogue And Bard
Wizkids Critical Role Miniatures Pallid Elf Rogue And Bard

I absolutely (abso-LUTE-ly... I'm sorry) love the stance of this Pallid Elf Bard. He's completely rocking out, and it captures an energy I don't often see represented in bard miniatures (but often see at the table). This whiff of smoke coming from the hand of the Pallid Elf Rogue also looks so dynamic, and I'll likely leave it clear when I eventually paint these.

Wizkids Critical Role Miniatures Hollow One Rogue And Sorcerer
Wizkids Critical Role Miniatures Hollow One Rogue And Sorcerer

Born from the magic of Blightshore, Hollow Ones roam the earth as revivified undead. Whether they use their uncanny resurrection for good or ill is up to the player, but they certainly strike an imposing visage. There's a little bit of detail lost on the faces and body sculpts of these minis, but they still look pretty great on the table.

Critical Role Villains and Monsters

Wizkids Critical Role Miniatures Aeorian Nullifier and Reverser
Wizkids Critical Role Miniatures: (L to R) Aeorian Nullifier and Reverser

These hulking monstrosities are remnants of the floating city of Aeor and take up a lot of space on the table as formidable foes. I really love the look of the Nullifier, with its protruding maws full of nasty fangs. As far as the Reverser is concerned, I've seldom seen such a ripped and muscular monster. (Note: the Nullifier and Reverser are sold separately)

Wizkids Critical Role Miniatures: Core Spawn Emissary, Seer, and Crawlers
Wizkids Critical Role Miniatures: (L to R) Core Spawn Emissary, Seer, and Crawlers

If you're planning on visiting the Miskath Pit of Blightshore, you may run into some of these nasty bugs. I like the way these monstrosities subtly subvert the expectations of what you'd think from a "bug monster," and add a bit of the uncanny to the table. (Note: The Core Spawn Emissary and Seer come packaged together, and the three Crawlers are packaged in their own set together)

Wizkids Critical Role Miniatures Gloomstalker Shallowpriest And Swavain Basilisk
Wizkids Critical Role Miniatures: (L to R) Gloomstalker, Shallowpriest, and Swavain Basilisk

Finally, let's take a look at these three larger baddie miniatures. I especially love the basing of these three miniatures. The Gloomstalker hangs low on the ground, ready to rip apart its foes. The Shallowpriest floats on a swirl of waves. And the gorgeous Basilisk looks like its just bursting out of the waves. (Note: Each of these miniatures are sold separately)

Final Thoughts

This set of miniatures is completely engaging, and it seems like there's a small detail to notice in even the most humble mini. The detail isn't quite as precise as you'd find in a wargaming miniature, but this line of minis is by and large a step above anything else we've seen on shelves lately. While it's a no-brainer for anyone running a campaign set in the world of Critical Role, these unpainted miniatures are completely suitable for any system and any setting.

Get These Miniatures If...

  • You're a fan of, or are playing a game set in the world of Critical Role
  • You're looking for a vast array of heroes and villains
  • You're interested in exploring different types of creatures

Avoid These Miniatures If...

  • You're looking for pre-painted miniatures
  • You're just not a fan of Critical Role

The miniatures used in the creation of this review were provided by Wizkids.

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We take a look at the upcoming line of Critical Role primed and unpainted miniatures from Wizkids (Review Policy)

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