40K Space Marines Captain in Gravis Armour and Primaris Ancient Preview

For the Emperor! We dive into the Space Marines Primaris Ancient and Captain in Gravis Armour for Warhammer 40K!

Published: January 29, 2022 5:00 AM /

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Spacemarine Models for Warhammer 40k

It's a banner weekend for Warhammer 40,000 players! Alongside our coverage of the new T'au Combat Patrol and Codex, Games Workshop sent along two individually packed models for the Space Marines for us to review - The Captain in Gravis Armour and the Primaris Ancient. Previously available only in various boxed sets, these new models sport new sculpts and some exciting new loadouts. Let's dive in with our preview of the Captain in Gravis Armour and Primaris Ancient.

Space Marines Captain In Gravis Armour

Warhammer 40k Captain in Gravis Armour
The Warhammer 40k Space Marines Captain in Gravis Armour is ready for battle with his chainsword.

The Captain in Gravis Armour is a powerful force on the battlefield, and this is the first time he's been released on his own outside of the Dark Imperium boxed set released almost four years ago. Now, he's got more customization options, sporting different helmet options and comes armed with a power fist and can choose between a master-crafted power sword, a chainsword, or an additional power fist. He's also showing off a Servo-Skull on his shoulder. We've decided to model our Captain with a helmet and chainsword. As shown in his newly released data sheet, the Captain now has access to the Gravis Fighting Style, which gives him two extra attacks with the power sword or chainsword, and one extra attack per power fist. 

Warhammer 40k Captain in Gravis Armour Image: Games Workshop
A finely painted and detailed shot of the Warhammer 40k Captain in Gravis Armour, with various details and loadout options presented. Image: Games Workshop

Space Marines Primaris Ancient

Space Marines Primaris Ancient raising his company standard high
Space Marines Primaris Ancient raising his company standard high

Next up we're taking a look at the Primaris Ancient. This stalwart on the battlefield inspires the Astartes around him by hoisting his standard high, which raises the leadership value of those around him and gives them the chance to sneak one free attack in after they're slain. This new Primaris Ancient model also comes equipped with a new weapon option, the ability to replace the bolt rifle he previously sported with a power sword. As the Warhammer Community article on him states, "considering that he’s packing 4 Attacks as standard, an Ancient is tasty in melee even without a power sword. However, with AP -3 and extra pip of Strength, a sword-wielding Ancient will certainly make his presence felt."

Primaris Ancient fully painted. Image: Games Workshop
Primaris Ancient fully painted. Image: Games Workshop

Both of these models come individually packaged with basic building instructions and a very simplified set of stats, and we found the construction of these models to be a total breeze. It's nice to see these two models broken out from the boxed sets and unit packs that they previously came packed in, as they both fit important niches in many Space Marines armies. For more of the nitty gritty details on these powerful brutes, check out the data sheets for each of these models here!

The models used in the creation of this preview were provided by Games Workshop.

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