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Marvel Crisis Protocol Venom Black Panther

Marvel Crisis Protocol has a growing roster of fan-favorite superheroes. The next releases see the villain/anti-hero Venom and 4 members of the Wakandan forces becoming available for your teams.

Marvel Crisis Protocol is a miniatures skirmish game from Atomic Mass Games. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the upcoming releases of Venom, and the 2 Wakanda boxes of Black Panther/Killmonger and Okoye/Shuri. If you want to read more about Marvel Crisis Protocol, you can check read our Start Collecting First Look article on the Core Set here.

All of the miniatures in the expansion boxes, like those in the Core Set, need to be removed from the plastic sprues and assembled prior to playing. Atomic Mass Games have detailed instructions on their site, as well as tutorials for various hobby elements such as construction and painting of miniatures.

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Marvel Crisis Protocol Venom


The Venom expansion comes with 1 Venom miniature, Venom’s stat card, and 2 Tactics Cards. Both of the included tactics cards can only be used with Venom, so if you’re not looking to pick up Venom, you won’t be forced to buy the expansion just to get hold of some cards.

Venom is a bit of a combat monster and has plenty of damage dealing options and abilities to get him into the fray. His injured side is almost identical to the uninjured side, the only difference being 1 less stamina on the injured side.

He has 2 attacks, both range 3. His first attack, Symbiote Tendrils rolls 5 attack dice and gains Venom power equal to the damage caused, along with giving the target character bleed. His second attack, We Are Venom, costs 3 power, rolls 7 attack dice and removes damage from Venom for each damage caused.

Venom is slow, with move Short, but is able to Web Snare within range 4 and push an enemy character Medium. He can also use the So Many Snacks ability, which allows him to counter-attack an enemy attacking him within range 3 once per turn and due to Symbiotic Instincts, characters attacked by Venom can never modify their defense dice.

Venom is weak against Energy, so keep an eye on which enemies are closing in, especially as the Core Set characters have several long ranged energy attacks.

The 2 included tactics cards are Lethal Protector, which lets Venom become the target of an attack targeting an allied character, and Uneasy Allies, which if an allied Spider-Man and Venom are close to each other when the other attacks, they can both take 1 damage to add 3 to the dice roll of the attack, which would give Venom 10 attack dice on We Are Venom.

Marvel Crisis Protocol Black Panther and Killmonger.

Black Panther/Killmonger

The Black Panther/Killmonger expansion comes with a miniature for each, along with their stat cards, 1 Wakanda Team card, 1 Extraction Crisis Card and 3 Team Tactics cards.

Black Panther and Killmonger are very mobile characters, who are also very accurate. They have options for getting in quickly, added movement on attacks and dice modifying abilities.

Black Panther has movement Long, which is great for getting him into combat. His first attack, Strike, allows him to push the target away Short before the damage is dealt. His second attack, Kinetic Burst costs 3 power but can be boosted with up to another 3 power, adding an attack dice for each added power, it also pushes away all characters within 2, Short and causes 1 damage to them on a wild.

If the Long movement isn’t enough to get him into combat, he can spend 2 to Pounce, which adds another Short movement that turn.

To further protect him, Black Panther’s Vibranium Armor allows him to add blanks as successes against physical and energy attacks. 

Killmonger has movement Medium, but for 2 power, can charge, which allows him to make a movement action, immediately followed by an attack. His Black Ops Strike rolls 7 attack dice and Stagges the target on a wild.

Killmonger’s Special Forces ability also lets him use defense results instead of attack results after the dice are rolled during an attack, allowing him a better chance to damage if more results of either symbol are rolled.

He also gets more accurate as he Dazes and KO’s enemies. As he gets a Kill Token each time, which allows him to reroll 1 dice during an attack for each Kill Token.

The Wakanda Forever tactics card allows all Wakanda characters to spend 1 power. Any characters spending power this way can use their 0 power attacks. This can be used for a huge attack if you have multiple Wakandans surrounding an enemy, or have several enemies near death engaged with your Wakandans. Usurp The Throne allows Killmonger a better chance to hit the enemy character with the highest threat value and the Battle Lust card is unaffiliated, giving an attack boost equal to the size stat of the character using it.

The included extraction card is Mystic Wakandan Herbs where players have to take herbs to a vessel location and hold it.

Marvel Crisis Protocol Okoye and Shuri


The Okoye/Shuri expansion comes with a miniature for each, along with their stat cards and 2 Team Tactics cards.

Okoye and Shuri are great support characters, who are also capable of operating against lower-tier characters by themselves. They play very well into the Wakanda Forever tactics card if on the same team as Black Panther and Killmonger, but they also have some great support abilities within other teams.

Okoye has both a zero power physical and energy power attack. The Vibranium Spear Blast also has range 4. She has a 4 power attack that can be followed up with a zero cost Strike attack on a wild for some high damage output.

Okoye has a Bodyguard ability that lets her become the target of an attack when an ally is targeted within range 2. Bodyguard plays well into her other abilities which are General of the Dora Milaje, which lets her always reroll 1 dice in attack or defense and Martial Artist, which when attacked from within range 2, by a physical or energy attack, allows her to add blanks to defense successes.

Shuri has access to the Sonic Crush attack, which always Stuns the target, and can also Stagger on a wild and she can use Super Genius to use blocks instead of hits in attack. To allow her to power up her abilities quickly, whenever Shuri rolls dice, she gains 1 power whenever a failure is rolled. 

Shuri can also use her Upgrades ability that lets her use up to 3 power to reroll 1 dice per power for any allied characters roll within range 4. She also has a solid 3 defense across the board, so you don’t need to worry about her positioning too much while using her in support, and she can hold her own in offense if required.

The 2 Team Tactics cards included with Okoye/Shuri are Vibranium Shielding, which can be used by Black Panther and Shuri to give characters within a radius the Invulnerability trait for the rest of the round, and Advanced R&D, an unaffiliated card that allows a character to give up to spend up to 5 power to give up to 5 allied characters 1 power each.

Venom has always been a favorite character of mine, and putting Venom and Hulk together on the table will suit my style of play perfectly. The Tactics card with Spider-Man is also a nice touch. The entire Wakanda force has some great themed mechanics and they’re going to be a solid force on the table.

Are you going to be picking up the new releases? Are you planning an entire Wakandan roster? Who’s your favorite hero so far? Let us know in the comments below.

The Marvel Crisis Protocol Character Expansion Packs used to produce this preview were provided by Atomic Mass Games.

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