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06/09/2020 - 11:00 | By: Adam Potts
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The Dungeons Box Pocket is a travel-sized version of Dungeons Co's wooden roleplaying game accessories box and dice rolling tray. The original Dungeon Box successfully funded in May 2019, and Dungeons Co are now back with their mobile adventurer version.

Dungeons Box Pocket

The Dungeons Box Pocket is handmade from bamboo and is available in a variety of colors. We were sent the beautiful Ebony Bamboo (which suits our rogueish nature for all that shadow work). They selected bamboo because of its sustainability, but also because bamboo ranks high for durability.

Dungeons Box Pocket

The Dungeons Box Pocket features a phone stand (which can also store a mini-pencil) and a larger section for dice storage (or a miniature). Once open, the top of the Dungeons Box Pocket acts as a dice tray for rolling.

Dungeons Box Pocket

We managed to fit our extended rogue's dice collection in the Dungeons Box Pocket (2xD20, 1xD12, 2xD10, 2xD8, 2xD6 and 2xD4).

Dungeons Box Pocket

Miniature carry-wise, the Dungeons Box Pocket can fit a Space Marine scout and a D&D sized ninja miniature easily. If you're storing dice and a miniature at the same time, I'd wrap the miniature in something as there is some movement during transportation.

Dungeons Box Pocket

The finish of the Dungeons Box Pocket feels great. It's smooth, so it doesn't catch going in and out of a bag or pocket, but it still has a natural feel to it. The wood grain looks incredible, and the irregularities in the print and slight knicks in the wood give it a huge depth of character. The magnet fitting is tight, solid, and doesn't come apart with movement or impacts.

Dungeons Box Pocket

If the Pocket isn't large enough for you, the full-sized Dungeons Box is available direct from Dungeons Co's site.

The Dungeons Box Pocket is in it's final few days on Kickstarter and has already funded. To be in with a chance of getting some exclusive KS items if they hit stretch goals, you can back here


The Dungeons Box Pocket used in this preview was provided by Dungeons Co.


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