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Bastian Carthalos

The Stormcast Eternals, the god-king Sigmar's immortal warriors in Age of Sigmar smites their foes with hammers and lightning. Each warrior is a powerhouse of martial ability, and leading those warriors, are champions of extreme renown. Along with a huge amount of reinforcements for the Stormcast Eternals, this weekend, Bastian Carthalos goes up for pre-order with Games Workshop.

Bastian Carthalos.
Bastian Carthalos strides into combat alongside his Stormcast warriors.

Bastian Carthalos' miniature, while not riding a dragon, or standing atop a step of stairs with a huge pair of resplendent wings, strides forward with an intent that leaves you in no doubt that he's not here to mess around. Bastian doesn't stand much taller than your average Stormcast, and he strides into battle beside them. The miniature comes with two head options, helmeted and unhelmed, and two hand options, where he carries the mighty hammer, Uskavar in one or two hands. We opted for the unhelmeted option, Bastian cares not for incoming fire, and the single-handed option, which gives his stride more umpfh.

Bastian Carthalos
Bastian Carthalos comes with two cosmetic options for his head and hammer pose. We opted for unhelmed and single-handed pose.

Bastian's rules are also pretty impressive. Once per turn Bastian can strike an enemy unit anywhere on the battlefield with lightning. The unit rolls dice equal to their wounds and takes a mortal wound for each six rolled. The target unit rolls dice for the wounds it started with, not its remaining wounds, so it can be used to finish off a unit or to whittle down a troublesome unit out of range. He can also redeploy D3 friendly Hammers of Sigmar units after determining who has the first turn to keep your enemies on their toes and he can give a free order to any Hammers of Sigmar unit on the battlefield. 

Bastian Carthalos.
The Bastian Carthalos miniature has some incredible details which can be really brought out with the paint scheme.

Bastian only has eight wounds, but he does have a ward save of 4+ and if he slays any units, he heals all wounds after that phase. Bastians' huge hammer, Uskavar has four attacks, each dealing four damage with rend -2, so smashing him into enemy troops and watching him heal damage as he takes them out should bring some frustration to your opponent.

Bastian can be a real hammer blow in your Stormcast force, and we're combining him with our Thunderstrike Force using the Stormcast from the Dominion box.

The copy of Bastian Carthalos used to produce this preview was provided by Games Workshop.


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