Warhammer Warcry Vulkyn Flameseekers Start The Fire

Published: September 11, 2023 3:34 PM /


A screenshot of a dwarven miniature from theWarhammer Warcry Vulkyn Flameseekers warband.

A new Warhammer Warcry warband is coming. The fantasy skirmish spin-off game of Warhammer Age of Sigmar has seen many different expansions, including the thorny Heart of Ghur set. Now the Warhammer Warcry Vulkyn Flameseekers have arrived.

The Warhammer Warcry Vulkyn Flameseekers Announcement

In an official Warhammer-Community post, Games Workshop goes into detail about the Warhammer Warcry Vulkyn Flameseekers warband.

These flameseekers are a part of the Fyreslayers of the Lofnir lodge, a group that has been taming magmadroths and using them as wards. And with the Era of the Beast, these warriors want to grow and expand their stables.

Part of this desire to work alongside such fiery lizards is part of their belief system. They believe that the Vulcatrix, the great godbeast that killed their ancestor god, was a being worthy of worship for such a deed. The Magmadroth eggs were the result of such deicide.

Because of this, every member of the Warhammer Warcry Vulkyn Flameseekers warband is an expert beastmaster. Not only do they enter battle with these powerful mounts, they seek the lingering holy flames of the Vulcatrix, believing they can imbue their wards with godlike power.

An upclose screenshots of several magmadroth miniatures from the Warhammer Warcry Vulkyn Flameseekers warband
Honestly, I'd feel good fighting with these things on my side.

Each warband is led by a Vulkyn Runefather, armed with either a greataxe or a shovel-like bokaz. In addition, there are the Drothmasters, which are the Magmadroth tamers.

Their skills are in great demand since the heartbeat of Ghur has begun to stir the blood of these beasts. Some of which even become too frenzied to control or contain. When that happens, it falls to the Drothblood Thanes to put them down.

But the Magmadroth's body is put to good use by the flameseekers. Their skin and scales are repurposed for cloaks and armor, providing the warband with legendary resilience. Even in death, these beasts are venerated.

This zealous further for the flames of the Vulcatrix will take the Warhammer Warcry Vulkyn Flameseekers warband across the Mortal Realms. And anyone who gets in their way will feel the fiery wrath of their devotion.


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