Warhammer Warcry Centurion Marshal And Chaos Legionnaires Review

If you can hear the thunderous clatter of hooves on hard-packed dirt, it's already too late! Read on as we check out new models released for Warhammer Warcry, The Centurion Marshal and Chaos Legionnaires

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New Centurion Marshal and Chaos Legionnaires models for Warhammer Warcry.

On the hard-packed, blood-stained earth of Ghur, death comes stampeding on four cloven hooves! Swords clash, maces smash, and all around the clang of battle rings out as two warbands strike out against one another. This is the world of Warcry, the skirmish war game from Games Workshop, set in the world of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. We recently covered the new big box set for Warcry Heart of Ghur, which ushers the game into its third edition. Now, Games Workshop has just put up for preorder two new miniatures sets destined to seriously change the game for Chaos players. They sent us early copies to check out, so read on for our thoughts on the Warhammer Warcry Centurion Marshal and Chaos Legionnaires.

The Warcry Centurion Marshal Stomps Into Battle

This towering new model is an absolute beast on the battlefield, and can be added to any Chaos-aligned warband. Clocking in at 295 points, he'll definitely take up a large chunk of your fighting force, but it seems from our initial playthroughs that the Centurion Marshal is definitely worth it. First, let's look at his stats. He has a colossal 35 hit points, can move ten inches, and has a solid defense of five. He can attack with a spear or a club, which each do decent damage, but where he really shines is his special abilities.

The Warhammer Warcry Centurion Marshal, a huge four-armed Centuar with loads of weapons
Here to smash apart your enemy's warband, one arm at a time!

With a double, he can use his net to ensure an enemy fighter can't get away from his devastating attacks. With a triple, he deals automatic damage equal to the value of the dice when he moves within one inch of his enemy. And with a quad, he gets a bonus attack and if any critical hits are scored, he pulls the enemy closer and then attacks again. This is a huge amount of free attacks being dishes out by this heavy hitter. His reaction (a new rule coming to third edition) allows him to (with a roll of 2+ on a d6) deal d6 damage to an enemy fighter that tries to disengage from him.

How Do You Play The Warcry Centurion Marshal?

In our early play testing of the Centurion Marshal, we had the most success when we used him in two ways. First, he's obviously amazing at holding objectives. With 35 hit points, he can really hunker down on an objective and make sure no one survives long enough to contest it. But another (really fun) way to play him was to essentially use him to play cleanup on the battlefield. With a ten inch movement speed, it was easy to zip him around the board, letting his powerful attacks clean up any enemies that were previously injured in other fights.

The Centurion Marshal dominates the battlefield

The Warcry Chaos Legionnaires Carve A Path Through Ghur

As the chosen of Be’lakor are an elite Chaos fighting force who strike hard and have a sturdy pool of hitpoints between them. This set comes with eight miniatures, many of whom can be armed with swords, axes, or maces. They're led by the Decuriarch, an armored figure with 22 hit points, who strikes with his sword and has special abilities that allow him to deal extra damage (while taking a bit of damage himself). The most impressive ability he can activate is "The True Master's Favor" which, if he's successfully downed an enemy this round, allows him to inspire other friendly fighters within nine inches of him to add one to their attack characteristic until the end of the turn.

Painted Warcry Chaos Legionnaires miniatures, clad in armor and bearing swords and shields
These boys are ready to seriously smash stuff up for Be'lakor!

Their reaction is pretty potent, too. If an enemy ends their activation within 3" of a fighter, you can have another friendly fighter make a bonus move action to move into combat range with your approaching enemy. This allows you to really quickly outnumber your foes.

Warcry Chaos Legionnaires taking to the field

The Warcry Compendium Launches

Also up for preorder today is the Warcry Compendium, which brings all fighting units up to the third edition ruleset. What this essentially means, along with some point adjustments across the line of models, is that each warband gets their own reaction now. Games Workshop has already released the rules for all four Grand Alliances, which you can find here: Grand Alliance OrderGrand Alliance DestructionGrand Alliance Death, and Grand Alliance Chaos. But it's incredibly handy to have them all in one place, especially if you run multiple different armies.

The cover of the Warcry Compendium, featuring a screaming beast.
The Warcry Compendium contains all the rules you need to bring your warbands into the new third edition.

Necromunda Bonus: Delaque Spyker

But wait, there's more! We're not content to check out just one Games Workshop skirmish game. We've also got a sneak peek at the absolutely absurd looking Delaque Psyker. Just look at this guy...

The Warhammer Delaque Psyker, a purple-skinned psychic with a huge, bulging brain.
Absolutely absurdly cool looking design on this Delaque Spyker.

The Delaque Spyker is a Hanger-On (meaning they can join your gang as you gain notoriety), and use a series of different psychic powers to befuddle and crush their enemies. This model comes in resin, and is so beautifully detailed we can't help but stare in awe of its grotesque splendor.

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Our review of new models released for Warcry, including the Centurion Marshal and the Chaos Legionnaires, who bring fresh brutality to the skirmish game. (Review Policy)

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