Tal'Dorei Reborn Now Available on D&D Beyond

Published: August 17, 2023 12:43 PM /


A promo screenshot of Tal'Dorei Reborn coming to the platform D&D Beyond

A new supplement is now live on D&D Beyond. In addition to Bigby Presents: Glory of Giants, Wizards of the Coast has released their very first third-party book on the platform. That inaugural release is Tal'Dorei Reborn by Darrington Press

Tal'Dorei Reborn on D&D Beyond

Tal'Dorei Reborn's debut on D&D Beyond was announced via a tweet by D&D Beyond.

Users on the platform can now purchase access to the sourcebook on their D&D Beyond accounts, allowing them to reference it alongside other books they have purchased.

Tal'Dorei Reborn is a third-party D&D 5e supplement. It was developed and published by Darrington Press, a TTRPG studio that has produced several different works.

These works include the Free RPG one-shot, A Familiar Problem, and the horror TTRPG Candela Obscura.

But Darrington Press is most famous for being the publishing arm of Critical Role.

Tal'Dorei Reborn is based on the setting of Exandria, created by Matt Mercer and featured in the Critical Role Actual Play series.

As such, Tal'Dorei Reborn contains more fleshed-out versions of certain concepts conceived by Mercer.

These include a detailed origin of the continent of Tal'Dorei and the plane of Exandria, brand new character subclasses like the Blood Wizard, as well as statblocks for the adventuring party Vox Machina.

Artwork from Tal'Dorei Reborn, featuring two Ashari Elves looking over a mountain village, two windmills can be seen in the distance
The beauty of nature.

This is not the first time material from Critical Role has been featured on D&D Beyond.

Both groups have collaborated in the past with the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount sourcebook, and the official Critical Role prewritten adventure, Call of the Netherdeep.

But those works were officially produced in collaboration with Wizards of the Coast. Effectively, they were seen as official material.

With Tal'Dorei Reborn now on the platform, this is the first time D&D Beyond has featured any material completely produced by a third-party publisher.

Given that there's an entire ecosystem of D&D third-party material out there like Steamforged Games' Epic Encounters products, this may be the start of D&D Beyond hosting similar material on their platform.


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