Star Wars Miniatures Development Moves to Atomic Mass Games

Published: November 16, 2020 5:00 PM /


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The Star Wars Miniatures games have been managed by Fantasy Flight Games for some time, but that won't be the case for much longer: Asmodee's internal games studio Atomic Mass Games is taking over.

Whether you're commanding a powerful Jedi or a lowly Stormtrooper, the Star Wars Miniatures games let you bring George Lucas' sci-fi universe to life. Miniature troopers and vehicles can take over a tabletop and slug it out in tactical combat using a mix of strategy and well-chosen cards, but victory isn't so easy — even if The Force is with you.

Of course, the ships of Star Wars are equally as iconic — and that's why players can also zip around in detailed model spaceships for a different kind of battle. These games were previously being developed by Fantasy Flight Games; now, Atomic Mass Games is taking over.

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What Are the Star Wars Miniatures Games Atomic Mass Games is Developing?

Atomic Mass Games will be taking over development of Star Wars X-WingStar Wars Armada, and Star Wars: Legion. The company's tasks will naturally include maintenance of the existing games, but that's only the beginning — it will also be working on some new surprises.

"Combining their talent with the strength of our current Star Wars games and the limitless possibilities of a galaxy far, far away is going to lead to incredible new experiences for tabletop gamers and Star Wars fans to enjoy," said Asmodee's Head of US Publishing Steve Horvath in an announcement on Atomic Mass Games' website.

"Atomic Mass is committed to bringing people together through fun games, and Star Wars has been bringing people together through the power of myth and story for over 40 years," – Steve Horvath, Asmodee's Head of US Publishing

Heading up Atomic Mass Games will be Simone Elliot, the person previously in charge of maintaining the relationship with Lucasfilm over at Fantasy Flight Games. Joining Elliot will be Will Shick as Head of Product Development and key members of the teams previously involved in the work on the Star Wars Miniatures games.

If you're not too familiar with any of these companies, it should be noted that Asmodee also owns Fantasy Flight Games. Fantasy Flight has been known for cooking up some cool games over the years, but it's a very broad development studio that makes all kinds of tabletop games. Atomic Mass Games, on the other hand, will be specifically focused on and specializing in the development of miniatures games; it already has a fair amount of experience in the genre with Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

It will likely be some time before this new studio can debut something really cool, but it looks like many of the same people will ultimately be continuing their work at a new company. For now, you can check out the company's current offerings at If you'd like to try your hand at these games, why not get started with the Star Wars: Legion core set for 25% off at Amazon?

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What do you think of Asmodee moving Star Wars Miniatures development to an internal studio? What's your favorite game of the three? Let us know in the comments below!


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