Saw: The Jigsaw Trials Brings Death Traps To Gaming Table

I wanna play a game. Recently, Iconiq Studios, Lionsgate, and Twisted Pictures have announced Saw: The Jigsaw Trials, a board game adaptation of the horror series, will be coming to Kickstarter. Support or do not. Make your choice.

Published: October 4, 2023 3:45 PM /


Official Kickstarter box art for Saw: The Jigsaw Trials. The box is on a dirty tile floor with puddles of bright red blood nearby.

A major horror franchise is getting a board game adaptation. Specifically, Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures have announced the death trap tension of the Saw series will be coming to tables with Saw: The Jigsaw Trials.

Saw: The Jigsaw Trials Kickstarter Announcement

At the time of writing, information on Saw: The Jigsaw Trials is threadbare. The box art used on the game's Kickstarter page says the game is for 2-6 players and that games can range in length between 30 minutes to 90 minutes.

In addition, the game has an age recommendation of 18+. Given that this is an officially licensed game based on a horror film franchise that popularized the term "torture porn" it is an appropriate label.

The designers of Saw: The Jigsaw Trials are Iconiq Studios. Iconiq appears to focus primarily on creating collectible figurines based on famous characters and celebrities. Their official store page includes figures from American Psycho, Street Fighter, and Silent Hill.

Otherwise, their tabletop development history is sparse. Original works include the card game 1%, and the wordplay board game Wuzzled.

They do have some experience with licensed adaptations. They successfully crowdfunded and produced both a card game and board game adaptation of John Carpenter's sci-fi horror dark satire film They Live.

On paper, Saw: The Jigsaw Trials has a strong foundation as a horror board game. The Saw film series, which started back in 2004, is packed with elaborate gruesome traps and horrific setpieces. Not to mention the traps have a win condition built in.

On top of that, the series spans ten feature films, the most recent of which just hit theatres, and are packed with recurring characters. The possibility of having miniatures of John Kramer, Detective Tapp, or the iconic Billy The Puppet has inherent appeal to hardcore fans.

If you go to the official Saw: The Jigsaw Trials Kickstarter page, you can be notified when it launches.

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