Repos Production Donate 2,000 Board Games to Children Charities

Published: January 4, 2021 2:00 PM /


Repos Productions

Boardgame designers, Repos Production, have donated 2000 board games to 3 different children's charities around the UK to offer a chance of escapism and enjoyment for children in these dark times. 1750 copies of deduction, party game When I Dream, and 250 copies of bluffing game Mascarade, were donated to the charities over the winter period to allow children the chance to have some fun. 

Who Are The Charities?

The three charities involved are Great Ormand Street Hospital, Evelina London, and Barnardo's, three British charities that work closely with children in various different ways. Great Ormand Street Hospital is the largest children's hospital in the country and has pioneered various heart-related surgeries for children. Evelina London is another children's hospital that helps thousands of children in the UK each year. Bernado's is a charity that provides children's homes for vulnerable children all over the country. 

What Are The Games? 

When I Dream is a party game that tasks one player each round with being the 'dreamer' who must guess the nature of the other players who take the role of naughty or nice spirits. The goal of the game is to try and figure out who the spirits are, and for the naughty and nice spirits to give the dreamer nightmares or pleasant dreams respectively. 

Mascarade is a deception game that tasks the players with accruing as much wealth and influence as possible from behind a mask. Each player spends each turn taking actions to gain coins, potentially bluffing about which person they are to gain the upper hand, or swapping characters with someone else while the other players remain in the dark. 

Who Are Repos Production?

Repos Production are a Belgium-based board game company that has produced many games over the years. The most famous product to come from the company is almost certainly 7 Wonders, a city-constructing game that has sold over 2-million copies, and received various updates, expansions, and adaptations. 

Both games are party games that should enable socializing amongst children at the three charities. The donation from Repos Production was announced by publisher Asmodee UK, who said: "Asmodee are proud to support all of these vital causes and we hope that these games will raise a smile." 

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