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Published: February 11, 2022 2:18 PM /


Classic Warhammer 40k art of Space Marines fighting Orks

Fans of the dark sci-fi miniatures game Warhammer 40k understand just how complex and wide the game has spread. In addition to multiple playable armies, there are factions and chapters within those armies, named characters and heroes, and even unique units that phase in and out across the game's multiple editions. That amounts to a lot of plastic and metal that Games Workshop produces to keep customers interested. However, it seems that changes to production will be happening soon with the announcement that range rotation will be coming to Warhammer 40k.

For those not aware, range rotation is a practice in miniatures games where certain boxes of units are no longer produced and are taken out of active circulation on the retail market. These units are still perfectly viable and playable in all formats, but if you want buy them for yourselves it will have to be from secondhand sources. This is something Games Workshop has done before with their officially licensed Tolkien miniatures game, Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.


Their official Warhammer-Community post went into further detail about how they would be handling Warhammer 40k's range rotation. First and foremost, Games Workshop mentioned that announcements will be made in advance as to what units will no longer be in circulation, allowing fans and collectors a window to buy the units before they are rotated out. As for what units specifically are getting rotated out, they appear to be a bunch of named characters and units from the Space Marines. The units going out are the following:

  • Imperial Fists Captain Darnath Lysander
  • Blood Angels Brother Corbulo
  • Flesh Tearers Shoulder Pad parts
  • Blood Angels Captain Tycho
  • Blood Angels Captain in Terminator Armor
  • Dark Angels Company Master
  • Ultramarines Chaplain Cassius
  • Ultramarines Sergeant Telion
  • Ultramarines Sergeant Chronus
  • Ultramarines Captain Sicarius
  • Ultramarines Tyrannic War Veterans
  • White Scars Khan on Bike
  • Grey Knights Brother-Captain Stern
  • Rune Priest in Terminator Armor
  • Space Wolves Lukas The Trickster
  • Grey Hunter With Wolf Standard
  • Deathwatch Watch Captain Artemis
  • Chapter Master Gabriel Seth
  • Chapter Master Pedro Kantor

You have until February 27 to get any of these heroes of the Imperium before they cycle out.

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