The Pokemon TCG Classic Contains The Charizard You've Always Wanted, Pre-Orders Are Now Live

The Pokemon Company have announced pre-orders are now live for Pokemon TCG Classic, a $400 box containing cards from the game's beginnings.

Published: September 21, 2023 2:47 PM /


A promotional image of the Pokemon TCG Classic, featuring a black box, and base set versions of the Charizard, Blastoise, and Venasuar cards.

The Pokemon Company is releasing one nostalgic throwback. While the collectible card game has been getting consistent support for decades now, nothing quite hits for older fans than the original set. Now with Pokemon TCG Classic now available for pre-order, that magic may be recaptured.

The Pokemon TCG Classic Pre-Order Page

According to the Pokemon TCG Classic store page, the box contains cards inspired by the Pokemon TCG base set and quintessential cards from throughout the game's history. These quintessential cards are all foil and ready to play out of the box.

In addition six vintage cards — including Suicune ex, Lugia ex, and Ho-Oh ex — make their debut in this box. As for the box and storage material, they are all presented in a minimal black and white, which contrasts with the colorful cards and tokens.

The collection contains the following:

  • Three 60-card decks featuring the original Gen 1 starters: Charizard, Blastoise, and Venasaur
  • 3 deck boxes
  • 3 sets of card sleeves
  • 1 two-player board
  • 1 toolbox case with randomizer
  • 2 sets of damage counter cones
  • 2 sets of condition markers

Now for kicker. While Pokemon TCG Classic pre-orders are live, the MSRP for a single box is $399. That is a lot of money for an eleven-pound 90s throwback.

A screenshot of the contents of the Pokemon TCG Classic box, showing deck boxes, damage cones, and tokens.
Ready to go back to a different time?

Furthermore, it seems the pre-order page has gone the way of all beloved elusive Nintendo paraphernalia. At the time of writing, the store page states that pre-orders are unavailable.

Thankfully, it seems the cards within the Pokemon TCG Classic will have limited use. No cards in the box can be used in official Pokemon TCG tournaments, except for basic energy cards.

This is but another instance of the Pokemon TCG appealing to nostalgia. There has been some retro love with the Pokemon TCG videogame returning and the release of the My First Battle starter sets.

For those lucky ones who got a Pokemon TCG Classic pre-ordered, they are expected to ship in November 2023.

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