Pokemon Trading Card Game Astral Radiance - What is a Radiant Pokemon?

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Pokemon Astral Radiance

Today the Pokemon Company has announced the next expansion in the popular Pokemon Trading Card Game. It was only last month that the Pokemon Brilliant Radiance set was released showing off VSTAR Pokemon, now there's a new surprise on the horizon.

What is the Pokemon Trading Card Astral Radiance set?

This new set is a continuation of the Pokemon Sword and Shield series of cards. Coming off the pack of the extremely successful Pokemon spin-off title Pokemon Legends Arceus this new TCG set, Astral Radiance, will focus on the Pokemon present in the Hisui region.

While we don't know the specifics of how many new cards will be included in Astral Radiance what we do know is that the expansion will include:

  • 3 Radiant Pokemon
  • 8 VSTAR Pokemon
  • 12 V Pokemon
  • 2 VMAX Pokemon
  • 20 new Trainer Cards

What is a Radiant Pokemon in the Pokemon Trading Card game?

Radiant Pokemon are a brand new type of Pokemon Card being introduced in the Pokemon Trading Card Game Sword & Shield Astral Radiance set. A Radiant Pokemon card shows a Shiny Pokemon with an etched artwork.

How do I recognize a Radiant Pokemon card?

At the moment all we know is what they are but The Pokemon Company hasn't released examples of the 3 Radiant Pokemon that will be available in this set, or any alternate artwork of those cards. Like previous specialty cards, you can expect to be able to recognize a Radiant Pokemon by the name of the Pokemon Card listing the Pokemon's name, followed by the word Radiant. All Radiant Pokemon will be Shiny Pokemon, but not all Shiny Pokemon cards will be Radiant Pokemon so make sure to pay attention.

If it's anything like the previous set there will likely be regular, alternate artwork, and even Rainbow Rare variants (though it will be interesting to see how Shiny Pokemon are shown in Rainbow Rare variety if there are any)

How do I use Radiant Pokemon Cards?

The Radiant Pokemon don't just have a new look to them, what you'll want to include them in your deck for is that they each have a powerful ability or attack that can be used.

What is the limitation of Radiant Pokemon Cards?

Radiant Pokemon will be great to look at, and powerful allys to use in battle but they do come with a drawback. You are only able to include a total of 1 Radiant Pokemon in their deck. This is a stark difference when compared to all other cards that can have up to four copies included in a deck.

This limitation will be difficult to balance in a competitive deck, while the Radiant Ability or Radiant Attack might be useful the chance of pulling it from your deck, without the assistance of other cards, can't be depended on.

Where will Radiant Pokemon be available?

Once the Pokemon Trading Card Game Sword & Shield Astral Radiance is out it will be available as a booster pack, Elite Trainer Boxes, and a Special Collector Edition. The Elite Trainer Box is available for preorder today from the Pokemon Center in US, Canada, and the UK.

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