Planet Fist Brings Narrative Focus To Skirmish Wargaming

Independent tabletop developer Jess Levine has a new project in the works. Planet Fist is a narrative skirmish-based wargame, one that focuses on the story of cloned soldiers on the frontlines.

Published: September 5, 2023 3:40 PM /


The logo for Planet Fist , the logo in white text with an assault rifle visible against a black background.

What happens when even the threat of death on the battlefield goes away? How many completely insane ways can you blow yourself up? These answers and more are explored in I Have The High Ground and Going Rogue creator Jess Levine's latest RPG: Planet Fist.

Planet Fist Announcement

According to a press release, Planet Fist is a narrative wargame built around skirmish storytelling. The game uses the narrative-driven Powered By The Apocalypse RPG system (Avatar Legends, Root: The RPG) as well as a standalone hack of Fist, developed by Claymore.

In Planet Fist, you play as a soldier on the planet Sixaura. You and your fellow soldiers battle one another in an endless loop of death and rebirth. Every time you die, your body is reassembled with the aid of nanites, the memory of death fresh in your mind.

They are duplicated forever. The same, unaged, unbroken body. They don't die. They don't rest. It is not just a meatgrinder without the meat, it is your soldier's very life.

It also means you can routinely do some very reckless and suicidal things on the battlefield in order to push forward.

These themes are present in Planet Fist's mechanics. Hitting 0 HP is merely an inconvenience since you'll be back in seconds. With no threat of death, the battlefield is a place where you live. Chat, bond, laugh, and care about your fellow teammates.

Finally, while this is a wargame, the fiction of the story still takes precedent. Planet Fist is a game where the thematic wants and needs of the characters are more important than a realistic war simulation.

Planet Fist's itchfunding page is live right now. It has already raised $1,415, more than half of its current goal of $2,000. The game's PDF is currently available on sale for $8. Stretch goals for the project include a Planet Fist actual play series, as well as new missions and maps.

The campaign concludes November 30.

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