Numenera The Glimmering Valley Ventures Into Retail

Published: July 18, 2023 2:26 PM /


The cover artwork of Numenera The Glimmering Valley, depicting a large toothed monster, a warrior with a glowing sword, and a figure in red armor.

A Numenera RPG campaign book is coming to retail. Monte Cook Games' award-winning science fantasy TTRPG has received plenty of support over the years. But Numenera The Glimmering Valley is a special case, it was a campaign book that was only made available during a crowdfunding campaign.

Numenera The Glimmering Valley retail announcement

For those not aware, Numenera The Glimmering Valley was originally a stretch goal in a Backerkit campaign for Monte Cook Games' RPG book, The Weird. The campaign ended with $405,882 raised and with all stretch goals reached.

The Weird was a supplement full of fantastical and strange events for players to use as they see fit. It contained NPCs, magic items, and encounters that could be used in just about any RPG system.

Numenera The Glimmering Valley was a player book. The book contains information on the valley of the title. It had information on a starting village, outlying regions of the valley, as well as several lingering mysteries. It could be a starting point for future adventures in Numenera since the valley can easily be placed anywhere by the Game Master.

For a while, the only way to get Numenera The Glimmering Valley was to be a crowdfunding backer. Now, according to the ICV2 report, this book will be coming to retail stores in October 2023. It will be sold at an MSRP of $44.99.

Numenera was the first TTRPG to use Monte Cook Games' Cypher RPG system. It is a system that is rules-light, emphasizes storytelling, and handles fantastical elements flexibly with its titular cyphers. Numenera is set in The Ninth World, a version of our world a billion years in the future where adventurers explore long-lost lands, and the ability to utilize highly advanced technology is seen as magic.

The Cypher RPG system is a highly adaptable TTRPG. It has been used to portray multiple genres of fiction: fantasy, superheroes, horror, etc., thanks to multiple supplements. It is also the system being used for adaptations of horror anthology podcasts Old Gods of Appalachia and The Magnus Archives.


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