New One D&D Playtest Changes Druids and Paladins

New playtest material has arrived for One D&D, Wizards of the Coast's newest edition of their ubiquitous TTRPG. The new material includes changes to the Druid and Paladin classes

Published: February 24, 2023 2:15 PM /


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A new wave of One D&D playtest material is now available. After is recent missteps and backpedals, Wizards of the Coast is still seeking player feedback for the newest edition of their fantasy TTRPG. While earlier playtests have included rules changes or revised game terms, this newest material includes major changes for the Druid and Paladin classes.

Druid and Paladin changes in the One D&D playtest

Like all prior material, the new One D&D playtest material can be downloaded on D&D Beyond. The new material focuses on revisions to the Circle of the Moon Druid and the Oath of Devotion Paladin respectively. Under the new class groups label, both Druids and Paladins are known as Priests. This is because their magic comes from a higher power like a god or the forces of nature.

Starting with the Druid, major changes have been made to Wildshape. Being able to change into a beast is now available at level 1 as part of the Channel Nature feat. You can use it twice per short rest. But rather than pick a handful of creatures from the Monster Manual that you can change into, utilizing similar rules to the spell Polymorph, the playtest material makes these transformations a part of character progression. You gain new forms, an aquatic form and an aerial form, at levels 5, 7, and 9 respectively.

Furthermore, the changes to your stats while in these forms are less extensive. Your health remains the same, some of your stats are modified, and you gain some feats like darkvision or multiattack. As for the benefits of being a Circle of the Moon Druid, a subclass known for Wildshape, you gain the ability to change as a bonus action, and imbue your beast form attacks with different elements. The ultimate ability at level 14 is the ability to cast Alter Self at will without a spell slot.

As for Paladins, the One D&D playtest does provide a multitude of changes. While the Paladin's trademark abilities like Divine Smite and Lay on Hands remain unchanged, the Divine Sense is now part of Channel Divinity at level 3. There are also new feats such as Faithful Steed at level 5, which allows you to summon a mount, and Abjure Foes at level 9, which lets you daze or frighten enemies. Curiously enough the Divine Health feature, which makes you immune to disease is absent. Also, you can now perform Divine Smites with either a weapon attack or an unarmed attack, but can only smite once per round.

The feedback survey for this One D&D playtest will go live on March 20.

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