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In a press release announced yesterday afternoon, Paizo began allowing players to test three new classes in science-fiction RPG Starfinder. Players may now create biohackers, vanguards, and witchwarpers in addition to the classes offered in the core rulebook at the game's launch last August.

Starfinder Creative Director Robert G. McCreary had the following to say in a statement from Paizo:

This is our first opportunity to add new classes to Starfinder since the game’s release in August 2017, and we need your help to do it! Try out these new classes in Starfinder Society scenarios, Starfinder Adventure Paths, or your own adventures. Then tell us what you and your friends thought of the experience. Paizo needs your feedback to make the classes in the Character Operations Manual the best they can be.
Feedback on the playtest material will make its way into the upcoming Starfinder Character Operations Manual. The hardcover is scheduled for release sometime late 2019.

Biohacker - Space Scientists

The biohacker gives off strong alchemist/investigator vibes at first glance. The class focuses on injections and primarily utilizes its intelligence stat. Biohackers start with a hefty number of skill ranks and a fairly broad variety of skills. They all have access to basic counteragents (debuffs) and restoratives (buffs), and a biohacker's field of study gives them access to more potent injections.

Vanguard - Know the Inevitability of Entropy

Along with the mad scientist biohackers, Paizo also released vanguards. Vanguards also possess a pile of skill ranks but are sturdier combatants with an emphasis on constitution. They utilize a mechanic called entropy. Taking hard-hitting attacks refuels their pool, and they can use Entropy Points to reduce damage, inflict more damage, and fuel other special abilities. Their choice of aspect also affects the vanguard. Their aspects give them new options to gain Entropy Points as well as bonuses on skill checks and combat maneuvers. Some of these new abilities interact with shields, which Paizo has introduced as a new form of equipment.

Witchwarper - Reshape Reality

The last of the three new classes, witchwarpers are charisma-based spellcasters with the ability to warp reality to their whims. This allows them to temporarily reshape terrain and even change atmospheres at higher levels. Their paradigm shifts allow them to do things such as reduce damage, grant rerolls to certain failed saving throws, and even cause two creatures to switch places.

Submitting Your Feedback

The playtest materials can be downloaded here. Players can provide feedback on each of the classes using the links to the surveys. Surveys are open until January 16, 2019. Players can also test the classes in organized play using pre-generated characters. A Starfinder stream broadcasts on Wednesdays at 4:00 PM PST on Paizo's Twitch channel.

Quick Take

It's very exciting to hear that Paizo is still working on content for Starfinder. After the ambitious release of Pathfinder: Kingmaker earlier this year it seems that Paizo is set to close out 2018 on a high note.

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