Mark Rosewater Shares March of the Machine Teaser

Published: March 21, 2023 3:21 PM /


Promotional artwork of March of the Machine, featuring multiple creatures and planeswalkers charging together into a battle.

As is tradition, the Head Designer of Magic: The Gathering has given fans a glimpse behind the curtain. Mark Rosewater has given similar teases in the past, hinting at new mechanics and characters in sets like Streets of New Capenna, Dominaria United, and The Brothers' War. This March of the Machine teaser, which marks the conclusion to the epic war for the multiverse against Phyrexia, continues this tradition with snippets of various card effects and descriptors.

Rosewater's March of the Machine teaser

The March of the Machine teaser was posted on Rosewater's Tumblr page. Like past teasers, Rosewater broke up the information into three different sections, beginning with things to expect. That section is as follows:


  • Numerous cards that mechanically care about Phyrexians
  • A double-faced token (one that transforms)
  • A card that costs XUUUU
  • A variant of a mechanic returns to a premier set for the first time since it originally appeared
  • A legendary creature returns not seen since Homelands
  • A creature capable of dealing eleven poison counters
  • Some planes show up in card names that have never done so before
  • Wrenn returns with a new partner
  • Two draft archetypes that have a creature type matters component (one of which is Phyrexians - see above)
  • The tenth _____ & _____ sword

There is some stuff to parse here. First, numerous cards that focus on Phyrexians fit since they are the focus of this set. In addition, since the scale of the story is the entire multiverse, brand-new planes being referenced in card names are to be expected. As for Wrenn having a new partner, it is a reference to the dryad planeswalker having the ability to symbiotically bind with trees. This can imply that she will return to repel the invasion, or that her new partner is a part of the Phyrexian war machine. The second section references the rules' text which can be found below:

  • “You may cast spells with flash or flying from the top of your library.”
  • “an Aura, God or Demigod card”
  • “where X is the excess damage dealt this way.”
  • “This spell can’t be copied.”
  • “Activate only if you’ve cast two or more spells this turn.”
  • “Each player can’t cast more than one non-Phyrexian spell each turn.”
  • “X twice, where X is the number of lands you control.”
  • “Whenever a permanent you control transforms or a permanent enters the battlefield under your control transformed,”
  • “If the opponent protects it, remove a defense counter from it.”
  • “At the beginning of your upkeep, if you haven’t been dealt combat damage since your last turn, you draw a card and you lose 1 life.”

This part of the March of the Machine teaser also hints at what the set will focus on. It seems that transforming cards will be returning, and that they will play a part with other card effects. There's also a healthy mix of aggressive play with excess damage being applied to an effect and the loss of life you haven't hit anything as well as a hint of control with limiting non-Phyrexian spells. Finally, there are creature descriptions which are:

  • Creature – Phyrexian Bear Rhino
  • Creature – Phyrexian Devil
  • Creature – Phyrexian Dog Warrior
  • Creature – Phyrexian Jackal
  • Creature – Phyrexian Samurai
  • Creature – Phyrexian Shade
  • Creature – Phyrexian Shark
  • Creature – Phyrexian Treefolk
  • Creature – Phyrexian Viashino
  • Creature – Phyrexian Weird
  • Creature – Moonfolk Ninja
  • Creature – Aetherborn Vampire
  • Creature – Fungus Rabbit
  • Creature – Dwarf Pilot
  • Creature – Raccoon Warrior
  • Creature – Goblin Spellshaper
  • Creature – Wolverine Dinosaur
  • Legendary Creature – Elder Giant Dog
  • Legendary Creature – Ape Dinosaur Turtle
  • Legendary Creature – Cyclops Homunculus

Obviously, the first half of these names represent the Phyrexian forces, showing just how far their reach has gone. As for those still fighting against them, a few names do stand out like the Aetherborn Vampires of Kaladesh and the Moonfolk Ninjas of Kamigawa. As for the legendary creatures, the naming confirms that more team-ups will be happening as seen in official press material. The "Ape Dinosaur Turtle" for example might mean that Yidaro, Wandering Monster, is working in tandem with another powerful beast. After all, the end of the world leads to strange allies.

March of the Machine will release worldwide on April 21.



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