Magic: The Gathering - Eldritch Moon Full Spoiler Available

Published: July 8, 2016 4:23 PM /


Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering Eldritch Moon Spoilers

Greetings, TechRaptor readers and fellow Magic: The Gathering fans! Welcome to the final day of our ongoing Eldritch Moon spoiler coverage. If you’re just joining us, make sure to check out our thread from yesterday, which contains links to all the spoilers from Wizards of the Coast for Eldritch Moon from the past two weeks of coverage.

Wizards of the Coast has made the full spoilers for the set available on their homepage. Players can search the database for cards by criteria such as the cards color, if it is double-faced, or if it part of a Meld card.

Additionally, Wizards of the Coast has put out their Release Notes for Eldritch Moon, which details oracle text and rule updates regarding cards in this set.

The next set to be released will be Conspiracy 2: Take the Crown; spoilers for the set should begin the week of August 1, 2016. 

Stay tuned to TechRaptor for continuing coverage of Eldritch Moon and all things Magic: The Gathering.

Quick Take

Whew! TechRaptor's first coverage of a Magic: The Gathering spoiler season has come to an end and I'm very happy with how things went. Obviously, there will be plenty of things to improve on for our coverage of Conspiracy 2: Take the Crown and Kaladesh later this year, but I think this is a very important first step for the site. Next week, we'll be taking a look at how the Shadows Over Innistrad block compares to Battle for Zendikar, and I'll be heading off to a pre-release to report on how Eldritch Moon does in Limited. Hopefully, there will be more people than when I attempted to cover the Eternal Master draft experience.

How do you feel about Eldritch Moon as a set?  Do you think it was a successful second half to the Shadows Over Innistrad block? Let us know in the comment section below!

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