Keyforge: Winds of Exchange Coming To Gamefound

Ghost Galaxy have announced that Keyforge: Winds of Exchange will be coming to the crowdfunding platform, Gamefound. This is shortly after the company bought the IP from Asmodee Publishing.

Published: August 12, 2022 3:18 PM /


Keyforge: Winds of Exchange promotional art used on Gamefound

Keyforge: Winds of Exchange is coming to Gamefound. This revival of the beloved competitive card game is due to the Keyforge IP being purchased by Ghost Galaxy after production complications lead to a shelving of the series. As for what this means for future expansions or ongoing support for the card game, Ghost Galaxy has provided some insights.

What does the Keyforge: Winds of Exchange Gamefound campaign include?

According to the Gamefound campaign page, Keyforge: Winds of Exchange will include the following. The expansion will include a brand new House, the mercantile Compacts of Ekwidon. There will also be new "Token" mechanics featured across several cards. Finally, several older Houses will be making a return in this expansion, which will include fan-favorites Brobnar and Mars. Finally, backing this campaign will also feature a 2-player starter set in case you and some friends are interested in trying out Keyforge for the first time.

As for why Keyforge: Winds of Exchange is going through a crowdfunding campaign rather than a major retail release, a recent post on the official Keyforge website shed some light on the subject. Due to the ongoing complications of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the loss of the deck-creation software engine, the Keyforge player base has greatly diminished due to this lack of support. As such, rather than risk a lot of money and production time on a retail release, gauging interest through a crowdfunding project made more sense to Ghost Galaxy.

The Gamefound campaign allows us to gauge whether the support of the player base is as robust as hoped when we acquired the game. It will help us fund the important work of recreating the deck-generation software engine, facilitate the transition of the “Master Vault” database and player-accounts, and––of course–allow us to gauge proper demand for a product like “KeyForge: Winds of Exchange” so that we may produce the product in sensible quantities.

Keyforge: Winds of Exchange promotional artwork of several new cards
Image Credit: Ghost Galaxy

When will the Keyforge: Winds of Exchange Gamefound campaign go live?

The Keyforge: Winds of Exchange Gamefound campaign is scheduled to go live this September. At the time of writing, there are no further details regarding backer pricing tiers. However, if you follow the campaign before it goes live, supporting the campaign will reward you with an additional Keyforge deck at no additional charge.

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