Ghost Galaxy Buys Keyforge With Plans To Revive It

Published: July 1, 2022 9:50 PM /


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Fans of unique competitive card games are most likely aware of Keyforge. It was a unique take on a TCG that had to cease production in 2021 due to complications caused by COVID-19 and the loss of key equipment needed to produce the cards. Now, a brand new company, Ghost Galaxy, has acquired the IP from Asmodee Publishing and has announced that they will be reviving the series.

Why Is Ghost Galaxy Reviving Keyforge?

For those not aware, Keyforge was created by Richard Garfield, the original creator of Magic: The Gathering, back in 2018. What made it different from other CCGswas that instead of buying a collection of booster packs or boxes to make your own deck, you would just buy a complete deck. In addition, each deck was completely unique, both in terms of deck composition as well as individual cards, This is possible thanks to the decks being configured by an elaborate custom algorithm and then digitally printed. This did lead to some cards being bizarre or inappropriately named. It sold out during its initial release, received several expansions.  However, due to complications caused by COVID-19 as well as the loss of the software engine used to configure the decks, production on the game stopped after the release of its Dark Tide expansion.


As for Ghost Galaxy, their interest in Keyforge is thanks in part to the company's founder, Christian T. Petersen. Petersen founded Fantasy Flight Games back in 1995, the company commonly known for producing card games for Asmodee Publishing. Now, in an official post on the game's website, Petersen has stated that he has assembled a team of experienced tabletop designers, including members who were a part of the game's initial release, to release the newest set. Furthermore, in an official press release, Petersen stated that "Given that we have already been working on a next-generation software engine for creating procedurally generated cards games, Keyforge is a perfect fit."

What Is The Future of Keyforge Going Forward?

In another post on Keyforge's website, Ghost Galaxy discussed plans for the game going forward. This includes revisions to the software engine used to create new cards, a commercial release plan to get new cards back to retail stores as well as continuing production on the newest set, Winds of Exchange, and the return of Organized Play events.

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