Fantasy Flight Delays Keyforge Dark Tidings, Announces Keyforge Adventures

The delay is a blow to some fans, especially since we have no idea where or in what order different regions have been effected.

Published: March 12, 2021 6:38 PM /


Keyforge: Dark Tidings Box Art

Creators of Keyforge, Fantasy Flight Games, has announced a sizable delay to the game's upcoming expansions. Depending on which territory you live in, Keyforge: Dark Tidings could be getting to you as late as mid-April, rather than the March 12th release date that was originally planned.

Dark Tidings About Keyforge: Dark Tidings

On Thursday, the day before the supposed release date, Fantasy Flight released a statement relating to the upcoming release of Keyforge: Dark Tidings, the living card game's fourth expansion set. The article on Fantasy Flight's website said: 

"due to unprecedented worldwide shipping congestion, we must now inform you that Dark Tidings will not release simultaneously in all territories" 

Unfortunately, it's not quite known what territories have been affected, or in what order decks and start sets will be arriving. Even more unfortunately, the delay is also affecting players' ability to register their decks in the online Master Vault that registers the discovery of the game's unique decklists. Even if your deck arrived on time today, you still won't be able to register your decks for an unknown period of time. 

Something To Soften The Blow

It's not all bad news coming out of Keyforge: Dark Tidings this week though. To soften the blow of the indefinite delay, Fantasy Flight also revealed that co-op play will soon be coming to Keyforge. The new game, Keyforge Adventures allows players to use the decks in their collections to work together and take on powerful creatures and overcome difficult challenges. 

The first adventure Rise of the Keyraken, pits you against a powerful squid-like monster, and the second, The Abysall Conspiracy, has you searching the depths of the ocean to stop a mysterious conspiracy. Each adventure replaces your opponent with an automated deck, not dissimilar to MTG's Challenge Decks, though without their own unique mechanics to keep things interesting. 

Hopefully, the news of a new format will keep you tided (pun intended) until Keyforge: Dark Tidings can hit your FLGS or mailbox. For more information on Keyforge Adventures check out FF's website, both will be available later this year as free download and print packages. 

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