Hasbro Reports 32% Revenue Increase in Wizards of the Coast and Digital Gaming

Hasbro, the major company behind products like Dungeons and Dragons, Transformers, and Magic The Gathering, report earnings growth and profit during the third fiscal quarter of 2021

Published: October 27, 2021 2:30 PM /


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As the third fiscal quarter for 2021 wraps up, Hasbro has nothing but good news to report.

According to an official earnings report, as expressed on the website Business Wire, Hasbro's reported revenue is up 11%. That is an increase of $1.97 billion. This includes a 76% increase in revenue across their Entertainment segment, which focuses on television and music, as well as a 32% increase from Digital Gaming and Wizards of the Coast.

First, let's look at the Entertainment increase. The major factor contributing to this increase according to the report is Hasbro's successful launch of a new series of My Little Pony on Netflix, ongoing content deals for animated children's shows Peppa Pig and PJ Masks, as well as ongoing advertising revenue on YouTube. This makes plenty of sense considering how much the prior generation of My Little Pony exploded in popularity with a beloved TV series and theatrical movie. Plus with the ongoing complications of COVID-19, it can be inferred that children were more open to watching television rather than going outside.

Promotional art for My Little Pony A New Generation
Official promo art for My Little Pony: A New Generation now on Netflix

As for Wizards of the Coast and Digital Gaming, it appears that Magic: The Gathering is leading the charge. A healthy combination of physical card sales and digital profit from their online free-to-play game, Magic The Gathering Arena, has helped push the needle forward. The report specifically mentions the successful launch of the crossover set with Dungeons and Dragons, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, as well as the horror-themed Innistrad: Midnight Hunt set as major contributing factors.

There was a slight decline in Consumer Products sales, however. It is reported that revenue was down 3% in this area, mostly citing complications from supply chain disruption. This lead to over $100 million of product orders not being counted for this quarter. Considering that all physical goods are dealing with a shipping crisis, especially when it comes to sea freight, it's a good thing that Hasbro has treated this as an acceptable loss. Although certain retail stores might not see it that way.

In short, Hasbro is still going strong thanks to solid management of their various intellectual property, people are still buying them, and they have plenty more in the works to keep things going.

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