Fantasy Flight Games Announces Unfathomable

Fantasy Flight Games, the studio behind the Arkham Horror series, have announced a new board game set in the horror universe, Unfathomable.

Published: June 10, 2021 1:47 PM /


The box art for the game Unfathomable

Fantasy Flight Games is getting ahead of the Halloween curve as they announce a brand new board game set in Arkham Horror Files universe.

In an official press release, the studio revealed the board game Unfathomable. It is a board game set in 1913 on the cruise ship SS Atlantica on its way back to Boston, Massachusetts. But the cruise takes a turn for the uncanny with passengers suffering dark dreams and horrific visions. Shortly thereafter a body is found in the ship's chapel along with the horrible signs of some dark ritual. Finally, it seems that not everyone on the ship is who they say they are, some may be grotesque creatures, hybrids of the Deep Ones, trying to sink the ship from the inside.

As the description implies, Unfathomable is a social deduction game meant for three to six players framed around paranoia, hidden agendas and shifting loyalties. If you are human, your objective is to keep the ship's vital systems and mechanisms functional while keeping an eye out for suspicious activity. If you are a Hybrid, you have to deceive and lie while destroying those same systems and ultimately sink the ship. Throwing further complications into this game are Mythos cards which trigger events the players need to handle such as food rationing or the hull being breached. Who do you trust with such tasks? Who can you trust?

The board set up for Unfathomable
It's like Titanic meets Call of Cthulhu. Fun!

Curiously, since this game is set in 1913, before the events of the rest of the Arkham Horror games, Unfathomable includes brand new characters never seen before. Among these is the captain of the Atlantica, Keilani Tatupu, a sailor with a dark past who may have dealt with horrific creatures beyond the scope of man before.

Unfathomable is available for pre-order both at Fantasy Flight Games' website and your local game store. It is being sold at $79.95 and no official release date is listed.

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