Disney Sorceror's Arena Board Game Announced

Published: June 8, 2022 2:25 PM /


The board set up for the Disney Sorceror's Arena board game

Good news for fans of the many different properties owned by the Disney corporation. Due to the success of its free-to-play turn-based mobile RPG, Disney Sorceror's Arena, the House of Mouse have partnered with tabletop game developer The Op to produce and distribute a Disney Sorceror's Arena board game.

What Is The Disney Sorceror's Arena Board Game?

This news comes courtesy of an official press release by The Op. The Disney Sorceror's Arena board game, fully titled Disney Sorceror's Arena: Epic Destinies, is a competitive experience for 2-4 players. Players choose one of eight different characters, each one from different franchises produced by Disney and Pixar. The characters included in the box include the Sorceror's Apprentice version of Mickey Mouse, the boastful hunter Gaston, the dark sorceress Maleficent, the roguish Aladdin, the mermaid Ariel, the shadow man Dr. Facilier, Demona from the 1990s animated series Gargoyles, and Monster Inc.'s Sully. Once chosen, the players utilize each of these characters' unique abilities, move strategically across a hex-grid board completing objectives, and form uneasy alliances to obtain the most victory points.


A hand of cards showing artwork from the Disney Sorceror's Arena Board Game
Image Credit: Disney, The Op

What Is In the Disney Sorceror's Arena Board Game?

A few additional details about the Disney Sorceror's Arena board game can be gleamed by the official store page. Each character has a dedicated deck of cards with special abilities which can effect the enemy and dynamically change the board. Like the mobile game, there are ongoing status effects and buffs represented by tokens. These include Flustered, Cursed, Shrunken, Stealthy, and Strong. Furthermore, it appears the game pieces for the various Disney characters are simple cut-outs with plastic stands; no 3D plastic miniatures to be seen. FInally, both the press release and the back of the box confirm that this will be an expandable board game with new characters and expansions planned and in production. Given that the mobile game released in 2020 and pulls liberally from Disney's long and rich history of animated characters, there is plenty to adapt.

The release of a Disney Sorceror's Arena board game isn't entirely unexpected coming from Disney. The company has partnered with many different developers in the past, allowing the release of licensed products like the asymmetrical competitive game Villainous and the social deduction game Gathering of the Wicked. The company has even allowed official board games based on their lesser known properties like Hocus Pocus and Disney Jungle Cruise.

The Disney Sorceror's Arena board game is available for sale right now for $49.99.




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