Demiplane Partners With Darrington Press to Launch Candela Obscura Nexus

Darrington Press' latest lamplight fantasy horror TTRPG, Candela Obscura, is coming to the VTT Demiplane thanks to the launch of Candela Obscura Nexus

Published: November 9, 2023 5:42 PM /


The banner for Candela Obscura Nexus. A smartphone and laptop is visible with character sheets on them.

Recently, Critical Role's tabletop imprint Darrington Press announced the core rulebook for the latest TTRPG, Candela Obscura. Now that upcoming physical release will have official VTT support on day one, thanks to Candela Obscura Nexus.

The Candela Obscura Nexus Announcement

In an official press release, Darrington Press announced a partnership with the VTT Demiplane to bring Candela Obscura Nexus to life. As part of this partnership, Demiplane will launch a dedicated section for Candela Obscura on the platform.

A screenshot of compendium entries visible on a smartphone via Candela Obscura Nexus
Do you push your luck?

Candela Obscura Nexus is a digital companion that will allow players to create select characters and attributes, explore the game's compendium with tooltips, delve into the game mechanics, and more; all from either a mobile device or web browser.

“Our aim with every new game system added to Demiplane is to ensure it's inviting for both newcomers and seasoned gamers, focusing on the sheer joy of play,” said Demiplane Co-founder Peter Romenesko. “Working alongside the talented team at Darrington Press has been a dream and we've been able to tailor our digital companion to offer smooth entry points like an intuitive step-by-step character creation and a user-friendly game rules compendium. We believe packaging these elements, combined with the Candela Obscura's deep lore, creatures, artifacts, and more in the players' hands allows us to enhance the immersion of the Candela Obscura experience whether it happens online or at the table.”

Demiplane has featured many popular and acclaimed TTRPGs on its platforms. They have played host to Paizo's fantasy world of Pathfinder, as well as Paradox Interactive's bleak urban horror setting, World of Darkness.

By purchasing Candela Obscura Nexus, you will gain access to the core rules, character creation, an overview of the setting of the Fairelands, pre-made sample sessions for new GMs, and digital dice.

Candela Obscura Nexus will be available for $29.99 on November 14. That is the same day as the physical core rulebook's release.

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