D&D Beyond Gives Away Free Dragonlance Compendium

D&D Beyond has officially released their own fantasy Advent calendar to celebrate the holidays, giving away free stuff for all users. The first of which are brand new creature statblocks from Dragonlance.

Published: December 6, 2022 2:48 PM /


Artwork of a party facing a dragon in the world of Dragonlance

Wizards of the Coast is giving away more content on D&D Beyond. Ever since the company's purchase of the digital platform, they have provided its users plenty of play material for the world's most popular TTRPG. This started with a 5e makeover to the iconic arch lich Vecna, then continued with preview material for Spelljammer and Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel. Now, in celebration of the holiday season and in anticipation of its newest prewritten adventure, users can enjoy the contents of a free Dragonlance compendium.

The free Dragonlance Compendium contents

The free Dragonlance compendium was released as part of D&D Beyond's Adventure Calendar 2022. This interactive Advent calendar, which will provide up 20 days of gifts and promos, can be accessed through a post on D&D Beyond. The first entry on the calendar, December 5, will take you to a separate page where you can officially redeem Monstruous Compendium 2: Dragonlance Creatures.

Official artwork of Ember from the free Dragonlance Compendium on D&D Beyond.
He can turn adventurers to ash with his breath. No death saves, just death.

While the creatures in the free Dragonlance compendium have strong roots in their native land of Krynn, they can be used in any D&D adventure. Those creatures include the Dream Eater, a sentient living nightmare that feasts on psychic energy, The eternally loyal unresting spirits known as the Foresworn, and the walrus people called Thanoi Hunters. But since the War of the Lance was fought with the power of the magic of dragons, the compendium also includes creatures tied to this world. This includes the Irda, a people created by the Dragon Queen Takhisis, and the mystical experiments called Traag Draconians. But the heaviest hitter in the compendium is Ember, a CR 22 chromatic dragon with a powerful Firestorm Breath attack as well as a suite of Legendary Actions.

There is no deadline for redeeming the free Dragonlance compendium. However, since this appears to be tied to the holidays, it might be wise to redeem this new content before New Year's Eve.

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