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Since Wizards of the Coast purchased the digital platform D&D Beyond back in April, a lot of promotional material has released. In celebration of the company's acquisition of the platform, they gave away a prewritten adventure and a supplement for free. Furthermore, alongside the release of the newest season of Stranger Things, they released a brand new D&D 5e statblock for the most iconic archlich in the franchise, Vecna. They even released a preview chapter for the upcoming Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel. Now following in that tradition, Wizards of the Coast have released Spelljammer Academy to all D&D Beyond users for free.

What Is Spelljammer Academy?

According to an official post on the D&D Beyond website, Spelljammer Academy is a collection of four prewritten adventures. These adventures are meant to introduce new players to the space fantasy trappings of their upcoming campaign setting, Spelljammer: Adventures in Space. These prewritten adventures take place within the titular academy where players are trained in the magical know-how to operate a spelljammer vessel and explore the vastness of Wildspace.


As for the content found within Spelljammer Academy, it does provide some insight into the tone and atmosphere of the main sourcebook. The adventures include returning character races such as the hadozee, a group of flying squirrel ape humanoids, and the bipedal intelligent hippopotamus people known as the giff. Various weapons and magic items are introduced with a more sci-fi lean such as green glowing swords that disintegrate anything they kill, bandits with multiple limbs and reflective skin, and even a cold open battle taking place on a Simulation Deck.

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How Long Will Spelljammer Academy Be Available?

Unlike the Vecna Dossier, it appears Spelljammer Academy will be available indefinitely for all D&D Beyond users. Just claim the free content and it will be tied to your account. You will have access to the first adventure, Orientation, followed by three more when they become available. As for the premium sourcebook, Spelljammer: Adventures in Space, will be available both digitally on D&D Beyond and physically at local retail stores on August 16.

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